Two Planes with Same Registration number, Same everything?- What is Going on?

****This question is far more relevant now than years ago or Nov12 when the above individual raised this question!. ****
In 2012 someone touched this topic but no conclusive information was published by anyone, I was not aware this topic was discussed before, I visited “FlightAware” to find out why N440KB a notorious, rogue helicopter is running two helicopters with a same registration number, 1. N440KB, a white helicopter and 2. N440KB another a black helicopter, both with same registration number, and both belongs to same company. Between 2pm and 2.45pm both helicopters were flying in west side of Vegas over homes, parks, residential areas!!..

Check out the pictures (black helicopter) under my handle and also check the latest pic (white helicopter on FlightAware site). But, this helicopter story is just the tip of an iceberg of registration being used to fly more than one plane with same registration number, please read further and participate, no name calling or abusive messages, be mindful. Thanks.

As per the FAA regulations and policies, one registration number per plane or whatever the crafts may be such as helicopter, Cessna or military and other planes. While there may be some exceptions as you all discussed already here, the usage of same registration number for more one plane is pervasive now, I can prove it.
The fact (that is no longer fact now) is that we all know one registration number per plane, that is only for the text books or a disguised policy!?.
That is not what is happening in the recent years, since 2012 there are planes (passenger planes/commercial airlines) are flying two planes with the same registration number and same call sign!. Yes, you do not believe this right?. I will post the details after I hear from you good folks.
And, in some cases, they greyed out or block out the registration number, all else equal and same, everything same, same destination, departure, call sign, plane no, plane name, plane size and shape and so on everything is same and the only difference I have seen is a slightly different altitude but flying together parallelly or one above and the other below or one in front and other in the back on plane path, or flying simultaneously into entirely different direction of paths?.
Most of those are planes (like Southwest, Delta, Allegiant, spirit, rogue, BA, Rogue, virigin prostitute planes)!!??), and many others.
Occasionally I noticed Cessna’s or helicopters with same registration number flying more than one, but this is not that common, just now Oct15, 2017 at 4.20pm, a white helicopter with registration no N440KB flew over my place, but there is already a black helicopter with N440KB is in the air flying near Red Rock area, Las Vegas?. How is this possible?.
I will write more after I hear the response to my posting…Thanks
PS: What is in the Books are no longer followed in todays world, and what you read or heard may not be true anymore until you clarify with evidence!!!.

Do you have an example? Link to the flights please (assuming you’re looking at FlightAware data). I don’t see any duplication for N440KB from a quick look, so you need to be specific.

Specifics soon will be posted, let us see more questions and discussions, look carefully of N440KB, also cross compare your data with other sites like flightaware or flight radar, because each of your sites miss lots of info either the pilots or companies do not report or some other errors…!!. On this particular helicopter what specifics you need, there is a reg no, plane time, plight path and location, pretty much all the info I posted in my message!. About the Planes, it is coming up soon!.

Not much discussion to be had if you can’t be specific. I don’t know what data you’re looking at that that conflicts, please provide links to the conflicting data. I don’t see anything obviously unusual in the flight history at and all photos at appear to be the same aircraft.

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Now and Happening:

**To **
Obj and ALL,
Take a look at this:
Exhibit1: Spirit Airline NKS 170, there are two planes identical 99.9%
the only thing that is different is in one plane there is reg and in another reg is empty or greyed out!!
Plane1 NKS170
Plane 2 NKS170


Delta Airline DL4751

There is a problem with the links, either the links show no data or it shows only one plane path, I have to post my videos and pics elsewhere in a blog and post the link here, it is going to take some time.

I can’t speak for how Planefinder works, but you would see similar behaviour - two almost-identical flights - in FlightAware data if we have two different datasources reporting the same aircraft (for example, radar / flightplan data provided by the FAA, and direct ADS-B data from our receiver network) but there was not enough data in common to work out that they were actually the same aircraft. It doesn’t mean that there are actually two aircraft …

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Obj, I can prove it, just hold on to this thread, when I post the details, pics, videos etc, it will be shocking. Actually, these are not some drawings or images of imagination, these are eye witness data and years of research and observation into it, and there is no question this is real and been ongoing for a long time and it is a massive abuse of the system that no one either aware about it or dig deeper into what the heck is going on…I will make specific comments after I post the details… thanks

I like being shocked - bring it on.

Hope you can see the picture if not here is the link also, I know it’s not an N reg but is still a very strange thing for a governing body to do, have 2 aircraft with identical reg both active at the same time. Then again it is a government body so…

Seem to be a database mismatch or a reg change. The Dash-8 can’t be found on other pages, the registration fires only information about the piper up.

On Jetphotos the Dash-8 comes up, but with now newer picture than 2004

They are not both active. The dash 8 was deregistered in June 2005.

The dash 8 is still around though it is now registered as N889EA

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It has to be monitored or watched live, and grab a scn capture or record it, as the data for 2nd plane is either erased or somehow you can’t see them later. This video recording not only tracked and recorded live, I had also went out and took pictures of two planes flying within a couple of minutes from each others departure!?. This Operation went on for 2-3 years and then they stopped it or gone off radar!?.

interesting!!! to say the least!.. I tracked many of them for 3 years…!

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