2 dissimiliar aircraft, same registration number ??

I like to find out what/who it is that speeds past my house on approach and today one of the them was a Citation 550. While searching for a picture I found a link that said the registration number, http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N554MB.html#aircraft203880, was shared ??
One was a Beech 95 that crashed due to icing in Nevada, Sept 1998; the other is the Citation II for which I can’t dig up an mfrg date. It also appears this one may have just been sold and moved to SBP.

  1. How does this occur?
  2. Would someone please tell me how to do a hyperlink in here. :unamused:

insert the link, highlight it and click ‘URL’ button above.

1990 Citation 550 registered a few weeks ago.

N#'s can be re-used.

OK, finally figured out the hyperlink thing. Old tired eyes weren’t reading the fine print in the URL example very well.
Any particular reason(s) an aircraft built 18+ years ago would be re-certified now, and with a number other than the one it rolled out the door with?

It may have been substantially rebuilt after an accident which resulted in recertification. Or, it may have received substantial upgrades which resulted in recertification.

As to a new N number, if the old one wasn’t reserved while the plane may have been laid up the number might have been re-issued to a new aircraft.

My lesson for the day. Curiosity has been satisfied. Thanks.

Or the new owner simply wanted a different number, usually a “personal” one - initials etc. - or with some other meaning.

Cue discussion of N1KE.

Don’t forget N155AN!