Same N number - not the same plane.


I was checking flights from RFD and hit on a plane, wanted to see who it was and checked out the picture of the plane. Anyways, on the view other images link there were additional photos of the same registration number…but, some were a singe engine, others were twin engine. With certainty, same number.

I dont want to post the number as it is a local to me person who I dont know.

So, I guess you can keep your number?


Then how the heck can we help you? Registrations are in the public. There’s no need to be afraid to post them.

But, yes, you can transfer your registration from one aircraft to another.




lookup from found:

ICAO24-address A50E42 is from United States of America US ] : A00000…AFFFFF (1048576 allocations, 1010---- -------- --------)
A50E42 hex = 10817090 decimal = 51207102 octal = 10100101 00001110 01000010 binary.
Registration Manuf. Model Type c/n i/t Selcal ICAO24 Reg / Opr built test reg delivery prev.reg until next reg status

N425AR Cessna 425 C425 425-0065 L2T A50E42 SB AIRCRAFT LLC 1981 2004-07-15 active