2 Planes with the same N-number?

Why is there a Piper in the air with registration N9082K and the FAA has this aircraft registered as a Stinson 108 Voyager?

I took a screenshot of both pages and they both look legit. (???)

There should be no duplicate. I see that the Stinson was re-registered in 2002. That could either be because of a new owner, an address change or a change in N number. A lot ot of Stinsons end with K so I’m betting a new owner or address.
The last 325 Stinsons were produced after Piper bought the type certificate. This is not one of those but possibly somebody did not know that and misrepresented it as a Piper in a photo.
Have you seen the actual airplane or just an old photo?

It’s obviously and error somewhere, there are no two planes with the same registration in the US.

Well, there weren’t before 2008, I’m sure. Considering the Affordable Health plan, the Benghazi solution and the computer hacks of security clearances, I’d say that it’s entirely possible. “Piper N9082K, you’re cleared to land on 24 Left.”

Or,instead of the tin foil hat ideas, the flight log could be just a simple typo while entering a flight plan.

Especially because it looks like the flight shown picked up IFR flight following while already airborne, so it was up to the controller to enter in the callsign/N-number

and, as I expected, it’s a type N9028K is a Piper Cherokee - registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … txt=N9028K

Looks like it was probably actually N9062K. That aircraft flew into KTYR-KFTW, arriving about four hours prior to the departure of “N9082K” from KFTW. And N9062K is a PA-28.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N90 … /KTYR/KFTW
flightaware.com/live/flight/N90 … /KFTW/KSEP

Not two planes with the same N# but I rather suspect ATC got the N# wrong and the pilot didn’t catch it. Been there, done that. ATC transposed numbers in my tail# twice on my last 10 day trip. I corrected ATC and they fixed it so those flights are under my tail#. However, there is an aircraft and flight in my tracking history that is not mine, a PAZT vs my 77R, and not a flight I ever made from KSPA to KSMS on 3/31/15. Is there any way to delete this erroneous record from my N52167 aircraft tracking history? Any way I can do it or would FlightAware need to address it?