Question on Tail Numbers


Does anyoine know of a website that shows the history of a tail numbers? I am trying to find a particular aircraft that I know the registration, but of course it has been re-registered.


I BELIEVE will have that. I know of a couple different N-numbers that I have found on there that have been re-registered.


More specific, go to N-Number Inquiry.


I don’t think that is possible. He’s trying to find one particular airplane, and he doesn’t have the NEW n-number. Looking up the old N-number will show him the history of that number, whatever airplane is now or has ever used it.

Your best bet is to look up the old n-number, get the serial number of the plane, and then try using that to locate the new registration for the plane.


Are you are talking about an airliner, or a private plane? If it is commercial, look at one of the spreadsheets on this page:


Try looking it up by SERAIL NUMBER.


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Is there a way on the FAA website or another website to find the new N-Number (change of registration) of a plane? This past summer I was following a new Gulfstream 450 (N990GA). Gulfstream has since deregistered this n-number, and I was curious as to where the plane ended up. I guess I should have noted the serial number of the plane. That probably would have made things easier on my search.


Use Google! N990GA shows up in several sites. The main ones I’d look at if I was you would be the or You can locate the c/n there (in this case it is 4020) and then go to the FAA registry to find the new registration (in this case it is N588AT).


Thanks! It didn’t cross my mind to look at to get the c/n.


When you google the old number you can find other listings for that aircraft such as a sales sheet, charter info, ntsb incident, ad compliance, etc… Once you have the serial number you can find it pretty quick. King Airs are really easy to trace through Raisbeck. Also has a multiple field search feature that allows you to search by many different paramaters (ie all aircraft registered within a certain zip code).

In my flight bag I keep a list of interesting aircraft and the ones I know well. I always write down there serial number too.


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I’m a newbie to this site :slight_smile: Anyways if you haven’t found what you’re looking for you could also go to they should tell you what the past “N” reg numbers are for certain or all aircraft new and old. 8)