Help with the FAA Site

How do I look up planes, piolts, owners etc on the FAA website- Im new sorry if its a stupid question lol … t_inquiry/ … n_inquiry/

Or, if you already know the N-number, just enter it into the Google search engine.

That hasn’t worked for some time now. I guess they added robots nofollow; it used to be the number 1 hit.

Still works.

Look up aircraft with registration number N123XY

Are you sure???

It worked for me.

I typed in N1943L, then first list on the page was Look up aircraft with registration number n1943L and clicking on that link … rtxt=1943l

took me right to the FAA registration website.


As Fred Dryer’s character in the TV series “Hunter” would say, “Works for me!”

I had that problem once and thanks to the experts on here, I cleared my browsing history and whaddayaknow… it worked again.

Aha, figured it out. :blush: Based on my IP address when I go to it redirects me to; where I can then click on a link to take me back to (which is what I asked for, Sparky :unamused: ).

Anyway you are correct, the FAA link does come up as #1. Reasonable I suppose that it wouldn’t from the Canadian site. Now if I can just find a way to stop that ****ing redirection.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada! They’re not a real country anyway…

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :laughing:
ncr = no country redirect

Now I can use my Blackberry with US Google (it always thought that it was still in Canada), thanks!

Yea, I only new about the ncr due to BlackBerry use. RIM (the company that makes BlackBerries) is located in Canada and I guess all the internet access goes through one of their IPs.

Excellent ! Gracias.

I’m having this problem again with Google. I type in the full N# and the FAA registration doesn’t show up anymore. I’ve cleaned out everything on my computer, history, etc… but FAA still doesn’t show up. Anyone else finding this to be the case? :cry:

edit… works on Yahoo!

Something changed with Google as it no longer comes up for me as if this given moment in time. Maybe a hiccup?

Tried regular Google and /ncr


Ain’t workin’ for me either. Yahoo still works though.

I recently put this site together that displays N-Number data from the FAA along with manufacturers, models, dealers, etc : It might be easier to use than the FAA site.

No offense but I found your site confusing, not sure the purpose of your site besides advertising. I also tried some N# searches of planes I fly and it didn’t work.

I like it. Looks like you downloaded the data from the FAA. If that’s correct, how often will you be downloading the data to make sure the data is up-to-date?

Suggestion: Would it be possible to use wildcards for N number lookups? As an example: I’d like to be able to look up all aircraft that have registrations ending in WN.