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Finding a flight number's aircraft registration.

Before the format changed, you only had to type in a registration and you would get its current and last several flights. Now it seems impossible to find the registration of an aircraft that landed over an hour ago. Is there any fast way of doing those?

No change here, you can still type in a registration and get its current and last several flights.

With an Enterprise Account you can see the tail number on the airline flight number page, also the same as before.

What do you mean “format change”? Are you talking about the website redesign launched a couple weeks ago? Or are you referring to the FAA vs ICAO flight plan format change? If you’re talking about the website redesign, then as mduell said, there is no change in functionality if you already know the tail number, though Enterprise users have always had the ability to see the tail number. Keep in mind that not all tail numbers are always known by us for all flights, depending on what the airline/operator exposes to us.

Are you actually using our FlightXML API? I don’t see any API keys assigned to your username “Tomcintyre”. If not, then you are posting in the wrong section of this forum. FlightXML API users can use the AirlineFlightInfo function to query the tail number of airline flights, when that information is available.