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Using the Private Flight Tracker feature it’s actually possible to enter a tail number/registration number of most US airliners and find the latest flights. However, I want to do the reverse. i.e. key in the Flight Number and get the tail number/registration. If Flightaware knows both pieces of data why can’t I find what I want?

I’m also trying to find out the tail numbers for Allegiant flights into MBS last year. The 'BTS website doesn’t seem to list Allegiant flights but these would be on Flightaware somewhere wouldn’t they?



The BTS on-time table (where the tail numbers are shown) shows only those airlines that have at least 1% of the nation’s airline revenues. Allegiant is shown in the domestic segment table but this doesn’t contain tail numbers.

#3…/src/index.xml (US only)


Thanks for the information. They’re interesting websites but I still didn’t manage to find my Allegiant flights. Maybe they’re a special case!


As I stated in my posting, Allegiant won’t show in the BTS data because it doesn’t meet the criteria of having at least 1% of the nation’s airline revenue.


Thanks I understood about BTS but was also trying Acarsd and Antonakis. Thinking about it, am I not finding anything because Allegiant don’t use ADS-B?


Allegiant does not provide us with their tail number data.


Southwest doesn’t as well nor does FedEx…


Why isn’t/can’t the aircraft registration on the flight page be displayed :question:


Some but not all airlines carry the registration ex: Southwest Airlines doesn’t give us registration numbers only flight numbers from ATC.


For supported carriers you can enter a tail number to see the flights and on the flight page we have a link to track the inbound flight by the same aircraft.
Some licensing restrictions prevent us from displaying tail numbers on flight pages.


@ Mark you have pm.


I was just wondering if I search a flight number for a certain day on FlightAware can I see the registration of the aircraft usedfor that flight?

I am trying to find the registration of a flight I have been on.


This is a feature I would love to see as well. I know not all airlines make this information public, but because a large amount of US airlines are able to be tracked by tail number, the information is there… but if you only search by flight number you can’t find that information. Any possibility to list the tail for flights that it is available for?

If I search “N73299” for example I’m brought to the page of that aircraft, and all the past flights it’s done, and the next few it’s scheduled for, so the information is available… would be awesome to just keep the tail on all flight pages where it’s possible. 8) It’s very neat to track where a specific plane has been over time and where it’s going next.


We can’t support this for the public tracking airlines, but we do support it for enterprise customers tracking their own fleets. You can look up flights by tail number and find the flight number they operated as.


Anyone have the new link for this page?…/src/index.xml

I’d like to find the UAL and AAL registrations for flights.


#17 … me=On-Time


Is there any particular reason you cannot link the two? The data is obviously there in the system for certain airlines.


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This is very valuable data as I use it for my commercial flight log and FlightMemory.

If the data is available to FlightAware it should then be made available to users.

If you don’t want it public, then at least have people sign in or whatever makes it work…