A thread popped up on FT concerning the tracking of an individual AC:

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I cant imagine tail numbers not being reported on FP’s for scheduled commercial service. Can this be extracted from the FAA database? Maybe you could post the tail number on the flight info page. An additional feature could be tying the hull history info (as found on planespotters.net) to the tail number on the flight info page so all of this stuff could pop up with one or two mouse clicks.


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The N-number is rarely provided to the FAA for a flights that operate under a call sign. Most airline flights operate with a different aircraft each day.

It is possible to get the N-number 3 months after the fact by going to the Bureaus of Transportation Statistics. The on-time database will give the data. It is located at transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectF … me=On-Time

Coming very soon…

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It would be really great with the ability to track by registration number if in the column next to the registration, the flight number was listed. :smiley:

By the way, any chance the staff of flight aware could post a list of airlines (not individual planes) that have been updated by the registration numbers into the data base for tracking as you (staff) proceed with the updates? That would be helpful. Thank you.

Brian S.

ok so they are doing just airline by airline for the database?

I was at my local airport today for a World Air MD-11 landing but somehow I missed a shot where I could see the tail number and now I am trying to figure out which MD-11 it was. I have narrowed it down to 3 N-Numbers based on other pictures and knowledge of where some other of World Air’s MD-11s are. Trying to figure out which of N271WA, N273WA, and N277WA it was. Was hoping I could use FA to figure that out.