Tail Numbers

How can I find the tail number of an aircraft, for example any ALASKA AIRLINES aircraft.

Other than doing a search at www.faa.gov airlines don’t use n-numbers for flights. They use the actual flight number (AA3625 for American Airlines for example). Of course this is for tracking the flights. The FAA link already given may give you an actual list.

You can also do a search of the forum for similar topics.

The FAA list isn’t an accurate way to look for tail numbers, either, since many aircraft are listed under the leasing company that actually owns them. The best way to get the info is to look on sites like these two:



But, like Pika said, this won’t help you find out which aircraft flew which flight, you need ACARS for that.

Thanks for the answers
What I am trying to do is track an aircraft on a round robin flight, say from KSEA to KLAS to KLAX and back to KSEA just as an example. Knowing that the flight number changes on each leg of the flight, how can I make sure I’m tracking the same aircraft throughout the round robin flight.

In that case, I’d search an ACARS database like at ACARSD.org, and see which flights a certain aircraft flies throughout the course of a day.