How to find tail number

How can I find the tail number of AA369 flying San Diego to Dallas/ Worth on 12/14/14. I can find the flight history but it does not have the tail number.

This site does not allow that functionality for regular members.

All you can do to potentially find it is to enter every AA tail number for the type of aircraft that flew your flight and then try to find the one that flew that flight.

You can find this information at the RITA on-time site at … me=On-Time. You’ll have to wait a couple of months, though, due to the lag time. The current data is through October 2014.

If I recall correctly AA uses the fleet number rather than the N number in reporting its flights. There are sites that cross-reference fleet number with the N number. You can do a Google search to find the sites.

Our Enterprise service will provide tail numbers for flight numbers on our site.

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