Researching N-numbers from flight number


I am interested in locating the N-number for a particular plane. In this case, the aircraft is a Delta (flight #118) 767-300ER that I flew on from JFK to CVG back on July 14th of this year. This information is available from the FAA website for domestic flights, but I can’t find anything for international flights. Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find this information?


I’m not sure if you can link a N# with a flight number. I know you can’t do it on FA. Also FYI a flight from JFK to CVG is domestic unless you go the long way. I guess the only way to possibly link the flight and tail numbers is through ACARS… some people on here know more about that system. The airline should know, give 'em a call.


Ooops, that was my bad. I meant to say CDG (Charles de Gaulle) instead of CVG.


This topic comes up about once a month or so. SEARCH the forums for ACARS. There are 40 other threads that come up in the search. If you sift through some of them, you should be able to find the answer…


According to theACARS report for that date, the aircraft was N1200K. Here’s the FAA entry.

You can locate other aircraft by going to the acarsd main page. Tip: If you enter a flight number, be sure to enter 4 digits (e.g. DL0118 and not DL118).


Well, this gets me a little closer but I can’t pull any information for this flight prior to September. I’m fairly certain that N1200K is not the aircraft because I remember it was three digits followed by two letters. Ahhh, I’m so close. :angry:



I go through all of the trouble of finding the flight and you say it isn’t it. Look at the link I gave (click on “acars report”).


Trust me, I really appreciate it. I’m 95% certain that’s not the aircraft but I’m wondering if it’s a timing issue. My flight left somewhere around 7pm on July 14th, but if the log is based on local time in Europe then the dates could be wrong. I located the log for 7/15/07 and it’s aircraft N185DN for the same flight. This feels like it’s the correct aircraft, but now I just need a confirmation regarding the times and dates. Again, I appreciate all of the help with this.


It’s more than likely based on GMT (“Zulu” time) so the flight, if it left on the 14th local time would have left on the 15th GMT.

I concur with you that it is N185DN.


I wish you all the best of luck in your hunt to find the N#. MY question is… Why? :question: Why are you so determined to find this information? and why after 5 months?

I’ve been a flying nut my whole life and I hardly even look at a commercial plane before I board it. I was on a SWA Shamu earlier this year and my seat mates were also GA pilots and they thought it was wierd they had fish painted on the overhead bins.


Can’t answer for him but can answer for me. I keep a log of all flights I take. There are several key items I want for each flight: Origin, destination, date, and registration. Can’t keep track of a flight without, in my opinion, those pieces of data.

Of all of the flights I’ve taken in the past 30 plus years, I’ve only missed the registration on about 6 flights. I’d just about pay anything to find out those registrations (it’s one Pan Am flight from Travis to Honolulu, my first “by myself flight” flight when I was twelve from Yuma to Los Angeles to Ontario (Hughes AirWest and Golden West) and back, and a Southern Airways flight from Gulfport to New Orleans.