Are we any closer to getting registrations of commercial flights? I know I can go to ACARS but that obviously doesn’t hold every flight. Thanks.



Insufficient data to process your request.

IOW, what?


He’s looking for N-numbers of airline flights.

The answer is no. There is nothing on an airline’s flight plan that shows the N number of that particular airplane, so that information is not sent to FlightAware.


You can go to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (search this forum for the address) to find out the registrations of airline flights. However, the most recent data are about 2-4 months ago.


Why don’t you just tell them the link and make it easier??? … statistics would have sufficed and the person asking the question would have gotten the answer effortless.

I don’t think it’s top secret to make people do a hunt for an answer you already know?



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Mainly because I didn’t have time to do the research for him. Isn’t it better to let the person know the information is available and then tell him how to find it then not tell him at all? Huh? Am I right or am I right?


Option “C”

WRONG. Do it right the first time.

If you had the time to post, you had the time to do a 10 second search ESPECIALLY if you knew it was available as you say above.



I knew it was available because I was the one to post it many months ago. Like I said, I didn’t have the time to do the research. In any case, it’s good to let new people know and remind old timers about the search feature.


I thought that was what was being asked, but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.


Perchance the OP* SEARCHED and found THIS THREAD

were it was hinted:

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