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I need help with an a/c registration

Hi @ all,

is there any possibility to figure out an a/c’s registration here in Flight Aware? Let’s say I track DLH439 and want to know the registration of a/c. Or is there a chance to figure that out for flight which I took in the past? Thanks for help…

bts.gov/xml/ontimesummary…/src/index.xml (US only)

  • google “ACARS”

Thanks Pat206, but unfortunately I don’t find flight AA1897 for 11/06/26 from TUL to DFW.

Thanks again.

You mean 6/26/11 (June 26, 2011)?
In about three months you can go to BTS’ on time database to find the registration if you don’t find it before then.

WARNING: This is a large file. The April 2011 file has over 500,000 rows. You can filter by state to get a smaller file.

Hmmm, I can’t find AA1897 at all on any of several ACARS sites. I wonder if such short flights (TUL-DFW-IAH) simply don’t report ? Anyway, when it does pop up on the BTS lists, you’ll need to “translate” the AA fleet number into the actual registration. Come back when you find it and we’ll show you how (it’s weird).

Even on short trips ACARS reports

Yea, it is weird. American reports the ship number, not the registration like most of the other airlines do.

To determine the aircraft’s registration go to rzjets.net/aircraft/
In the box on the right labeled “fleet” enter the 2nd-4th characters shown in the BTS data. Clicking “search” will bring up the registration.

N3AVAA in BTS yields N391AA (a 767)
N615AA in BTS yields N615AM (a 757)