Is there anyone out there that is really good with ACARS???

I search for United 475 from BTV-ORD for this past Thursday but got nothing. Also today I was tracking Comair 421 from BTV-CVG for todays flight and came up with nothing even with the wild card search, in fact I don’t have a lot of luck with it at all. If someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong that would be great. Also could you try to find these flights for me on the ACARS thanks.


Does anyone know of a website other then the one that I linked already, where I can type in the flight number and find out the registration of that aircraft so I can find the pictures on


You have to remember that these ACARS sites rely on people to send in reports. It’s not automatic - if nobody has their radio turned on at the time then that flight won’t get logged.

You can try as it seems to have better coverage. Can’t see OH421 (or DL5421), but the UA flights are there:

Results for UA0475 for the month of February 2007
11th February 2007 N815UA logged @ 12:59 GMT **4(72)
10th February 2007 N842UA logged @ 12:54 GMT **4(34)
8th February 2007 N492UA logged @ 12:56 GMT **4(34)
7th February 2007 N837UA logged @ 12:37 GMT **4(72)
6th February 2007 N846UA logged @ 12:48 GMT **4(34)
3rd February 2007 N841UA logged @ 13:58 GMT **4(93)
2nd February 2007 N830UA logged @ 12:37 GMT **4(72)
1st February 2007 N842UA logged @ 13:27 GMT **4(93)


ACARS is really awesome, I am currently the only Central American ACARS reporter for the Antonakis site, its real fun, specially reading the messages when pilots request food, or when their football team wins, etc. Is realitively easy to set it up, PM me if you have a scanner and time!