Tracking by 'N' number


First off, this site is WAY cool. I live in southern New Hampshire, and the maps are detailed enough with the help of highways nearby to see where a flight is in relation to my home.

Anyway, is it possible with this application to enter a tail number (N578UA, for example) and see where that United 757 has been–or is flying–over the past several days? People keep refering to ‘N’ numbers, so I thought I’d ask.


Chris in New Hampshire


Unfortunately the airlines don’t mention the tail number of an aircraft in their flight plan; all we get is the flight number.
I understand that the two can be correlated with ACARS data, but we don’t have access to that yet.


Thanks for the quick reply! Not only is this an amazing site–and I know that advertising support will–and should–beat a path to your door–but you are good enough to come on here and chat with new users. Kudos to you for that.

As data integration (Metadata, or am I mis-applying that term?) progresses, the SEL-CAL codes for individual aircraft may be able to be captured? That would tie these two things together–flight number and individual aircraft used. The reason I ask is because I log every one of the flights I’ve taken…N number and all. It would be neat to type in “N578UA” (or whatever) and see where she is at any given time!


We don’t have any way to capture the SEL-CAL codes or ACARS at the moment, but we associating flight numbers with tail numbers is on the long term to-do list.


I regularly listen to HF on the North Atlantic and selcal codes and usually send a log to one of the ‘dot-spotting’ groups afterwards. All selcal codes can be tied up to a registration mark at my own site, which if I’m allowed to, is at

I would happily forward my logs here if you want to add rego’s to the flights but if you do decide to do this you must realise that if this takes off (pardon the pun) it could mean a hell of a lot of work at your end typing all the rego’s in which are submitted to you!

For example, I’ve just heard COA70 with selcal AMCP as I write, this ties up to B764 N59053.