Tail Number Tracking


Say, I wanna know where the Delta Breast Cancer plane is located at any time, can I just type in the tail number N610DL and find out? I tried this but it didnt work. Is there another way to do this?



Airlines only send flight number data, not the registrations of flights. You need something like an ACARS decoder to pick that up, although they claim to have something in the works here to display that data.


Sounds like a cool idea.


Sounds like a cool idea.

It would be cool to check where the plane you were on has been and is going to…


You can already: http://www.acarsd.org/acars_search.html


Ok lemme think of a save here…

Oh it would be a cool feature for FA! There we go!


can you track vfr with flight following on here



If I was a trial lawyer in a big case, I would have to object to that question on the grounds that it has been “asked and answered” (many times actually).

See if you can find the answer…

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Yes, you can track VFR flights as long as they are on an IFR flight plan.


Not to nit pick, but if you are on a IFR flight plan, it is NOT a VFR flight. You either fly VFR or IFR.

I guess maybe if one goes VFR on top, that they ride at VFR altitudes, but it’s still an IFR flight, not VFR and tracking is still maintained.

Do you mean VMC on an IFR flight plan? This happens quite often.



I think dami was being sarcastic (surprise, surprise)…


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