Tracking private plane tail number


I have a friend who flies an Cirrus SR-20. I have entered his tail number on Flight Tracker expecting to see his flight path. To my disapointment I found no information about this flight. Since it is a private pilot and a rented aircraft does this mean FlightAware will not track him.
I would appreciate any qualified answer. Thanks…Larry


This site only picks up IFR and VFR flight following flights, so if he was just VFR, it wouldn’t show up here.


Newar777 i’m going to PM you to ask you something is that ok?


Go ahead.


Unless your friend files an IFR flight plan for his flights, FlightAware will not show his track log.
If he does file IFR and it still doesnt work, make sure the N-number is correct.
You didnt specify where you are located. FA is only able to track flights (primarily) in US airspace.

If its not one of these, I dont know what the problem is, sorry.