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Flight Tracking by Tail Number

I have been trying to track my group’s tail number but the last flight it has was from 2010 which is incorrect. Does flight aware only track planes when flight plans are filed through flight aware?

Thanks for any insight.

After scanning some other discussions it appears VFR flights, even with flight plans filed and flight following used there is no support for that on Flightaware. The tracks don’t show up. That’s a shame.

VFR flight tracking varies by coverage region.

It’s supported by the ANSP in Australia.
It’s not supported by the ANSP in the US, Canada, or Europe.

I appreciate the reply. is there anything afoot that will change that or is VFR off the scope for the foreseeable future?

Some new coverage regions on the horizon may include it. None of the existing ANSPs intend to change their policy.