Flight Aware not picking up our flights today 4/9/10

Is there a glitch in Flight Aware today? I’ve had two flights out and neither one is being tracked. I can track them on AeroSeek, but not Flight Aware. They are using VFR Flight Following.

Flight IDs would be nice.

If they are VFR flights then they more than likely won’t be tracked on FlightAware.

I’ve used Flight Aware for the last year and it has tracked every flight without fail if they were using VFR Flight Following. Has something changed to spoil this feature?

Our system is optimized for the tracking of IFR flights. When VFR flights are entered into the computer and look like IFR flights we’re happy to track them. When they don’t (no flightplan, missing eta, etc), we don’t.

edit: Ah, also looks like we had a partial outage today. :frowning:

Not that I’m glad for the outage, but at least I’m hopeful that things haven’t totally changed and the it will work in the future as it has in the past.