Strange info


N9516U use to be assigned to a 1981 Mooney M20K. I have been curious as to where that plane is now. There is a strange track on FA with little useful info. Anybody know where to find out info on this plane?


Have you tried the FAA registry?


The registry shows the number is reserved.


Yes it shows reserved yet flight aware shows a flight, but no information on the plane. I am just curious if that Mooney still exists and if not what happened to it. I know it could have been exported if the one on flight aware is not it.


Data in the FAA Registry is not considered to be 100% accurate. (Example: The Chinook Plus 2 N375HX, an ultralight, is shown has having 992 seats in the downloaded database.)

Wait a few days until the registry is updated again. This occurs at midnight on each Federal Working Day.


I have looked for this plane off and on ther past few months. It is not in the registry. I just found it odd that a plane was tracked by FA that is not in the registry. I suspect the plane I was looking for is gone. Perhaps out of the country or destroyed. Just wondered who had that number that FA tracked. It flew from North Huntsville (Alabama) to Bessemer(Alabama). Just found it kind of odd. I am sure there is an explanation.


Any idea what the serial number is? You can follow the serial # through ownership changes, n-number changes, etc…


No, but I wished I did.