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Sexiest airplanes of all time...


Kind of the aviation version of a chubby-chaser. :laughing:


You got that right! At the risk of being off-topic, this thing about a woman being sexy only if she is pencil thin is pure BS.

Now, the 1900 does look sexy in the cute-girl-next-door way.


What, like it’s a fun ride, but you wouldn’t want your friends to find out? :blush:


More like the last call with beer goggles kinda way… :blush:


As for the 1900D… it always struck me as the weird ugly sister of that homely “King Air” chick that always hangs around the airport, only with a bigger forehead and lots of unexplained growths popping out all over her body. No Thank You Ma’am.

Yes, I intended for this thread to be opinion based but… come on guys… We started with Spitfires and Connies and now were down to this?

I’m looking for stuff more like…


Looks to me like folks have turned sentimental - finished thinking about that hottie from senior year, and now turning to mother bringing in a bowl of chicken soup.
I think it’s sweet…

BTW that’s not a forehead, it’s an eight-head. (Apologies to whoever I stole that from.)


Ok now that is sexy :wink:

…and not to toot my own horn but I think I came up with some respectable a/c?! :wink: 8)

btw 2 more additions (sorry couldn’t resist)

airliners.net/photo/Indigo-A … 1506786/M/

airliners.net/photo/Chalk’s- … 1287171/M/

p.s. post 800!!!


This is on my wish list.



YES!!! This is now officially an EPIC thread!!! :laughing:


On top of the previously mentioned Connie, the Staggerwing, DEFINITELY the NXT, the Epic, the F-5…all very good choices.

To add…

Hughes H-1 Racer

The XF-11 is pretty bad-ass too, but in a different way than the H-1.

Sadly not many pictures were taken of the late Bill Pond’s racer, aptly named the Pond Racer. This is a model, but it’s the best photo I could find that shows off the curves.

This video highlights the aircraft very well.

Who doesn’t love a Quickie?


You speaka-my-language James!!! :smiley:

I was actually going to make the—

—comparison if anyone commented on the Nemesis.

Absolutely Beautiful!!! 8)


He had a good upbringing!

I beat him once a week whether he needed it or not. :wink:


Apparently you didn’t school him about Robert “Bob” Pond in between beatings…

*Now where’s that “cut and run” emoticon when I need it?.. :wink: *


I thought Bob was short for Bill…
Oh well, it’s still a kick-ass airplane.



The pond racer was a slick machine… Too bad they suffered the losses and couldn’t get the engine package to work out. it could’ve changed the face of Reno.

And you know that I’s just playin witcha… :wink:


Jeez all the good ones have been picked!!! I don’t see the beauty of the 1900 though, but to each his own!


Yeah… It’s getting tougher now.

Anyone think this is Old School Sexy?


And of course, Super Cold War Sexy:


Love her best with her feathers spread… :smiley:


The PBY is dead sexy (no pun intended!).

And much as I love the Tomcat in full spread, it’s hard to fit her in the hangar that way, so I keep mine parked with her wings trimmed:



Son Of A Gun.

If you need someone to come down and push her out so she can spread her wings again… let me know, I’m available.

What unit is she from?


Our F-14A Tomcat (Bu No. 158998) has a total of 1599 flight hours, 387 carrier landings and 375 carrier catapult takeoffs (known as cat shots).

This aircraft was the 59th built and the 57th to be delivered to the Navy on February 20, 1974. It first served with VF-1 “Wolfpack” aboard the USS Enterprise from May 1974 through July 1976. VF-1 along with VF-2 “Bounty Hunters” were the first operational Tomcat squadrons ever deployed on an operational cruise. During this time, our Tomcat flew missions during a WestPac cruise under the code name Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam. This makes our Tomcat a true Vietnam vet.

The aircraft was transferred to the training squadron VF-124 “Gunfighters” in July of 1976 where it spent approximately 1 year. In June of 1977, it was transferred to VF-2 “Bounty Hunters”, the sister squadron to VF-1, aboard the Enterprise again. While with VF-2, this aircraft also flew off the USS Ranger and USS Kitty Hawk.

After serving aboard ship, the aircraft was assigned to 3 prominent Naval Air Stations:

* NAS Point Mugu from August 1986 to September 1989
* NAS Patuxent River from April 1990 to March 1991
* NAWC Warminster from September 1989 to April 1990 and again from March 1991 until it was stricken on April 7, 1992.

We acquired the Tomcat at Johnsville Naval Air Station, in Warminster, PA. Volunteers made numerous trips to the base to disassemble the aircraft and get it ready for shipping. The wings, tail surfaces and nose cone were removed and loaded on a trailer. The fuselage was loaded on a separate trailer. Both trailers were then driven to the museum via the Betsy Ross Bridge over the Delaware River.

I’m proud to say I’ve become friends with several gentlemen that have one of our aircraft in their logbook.

Here’s our A-7B (Bu No. 154550), another sexy bird IMHO, aboard the Midway in 1970:

Same holds true for our F4A (Bu No. 148273), also a dead sexy bird of prey: