ADS-B Receiver Project Performance Graphs


Is it possible to get the performance graphs available from the ADS-B Receiver Project using Dump1090-fa or do I have to use Dump1090-mutability? If it is possible, I would be gratefdul for any instructions/guidance

Apologies if instructions have been posted previously.



Yes, it is available for BOTH dump1090-mutability as well as for dump1090-fa.

When you run the install script, It will offer to

  1. Update system. It actually Upgrades, which is unnecessary. I always say NO to it.
  2. Next it will offer to install (or upgrade) one of the two (dump1090-mutability OR dump10990-fa) say NO as you already have latest version of dump1090-fa.
  3. Next It will offer data feeders. Say NO if you have them
  4. Next it will offer some web storage, say No
  5. Last it will offer Web Portal. This installs Graphs. Say YES to it, and then No to “Advance Options”.

The script will proceed to install Web Portal/Graphs.

Here are commands to run the installation script

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd ~/adsb-receiver
chmod +x

Please see this thread for details:

ADS-B Receiver Projects Setup Scripts



All the Systems graphs are showing but there is nothing for the Dump1090 graphs


Wait for 20 minutes, graphs will appear.
Otherwise give following command to make graphs appear immediately…
sudo ~/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs/ 24h


Still no joy with the Dump1090 graphs, and after a few reboots. System graphs are fine. Any ideas?

Many thanks



  1. What hardware (Raspbery Pi / Beaglebone / OrangePi etc) are you using?

  2. What OS distro (Raspbian, Armbian, Ubuntu etc) are you using?


Hardware is Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS




Strange! Never heard of or faced this problem on Ras Pi / Raspbian. Occasionally this problem occured with Orange Pi board.

It seems your install got broken somehow, and is not fetching data from dump1090. Hard to debug. Maybe some one who faced this problem can come up with a solution.