ADS-B Receiver Project Performance Graphs

Is it possible to get the performance graphs available from the ADS-B Receiver Project using Dump1090-fa or do I have to use Dump1090-mutability? If it is possible, I would be gratefdul for any instructions/guidance

Apologies if instructions have been posted previously.


Yes, it is available for BOTH dump1090-mutability as well as for dump1090-fa.

When you run the install script, It will offer to

  1. Update system. It actually Upgrades, which is unnecessary. I always say NO to it.
  2. Next it will offer to install (or upgrade) one of the two (dump1090-mutability OR dump10990-fa) say NO as you already have latest version of dump1090-fa.
  3. Next It will offer data feeders. Say NO if you have them
  4. Next it will offer some web storage, say No
  5. Last it will offer Web Portal. This installs Graphs. Say YES to it, and then No to “Advance Options”.

The script will proceed to install Web Portal/Graphs.

Here are commands to run the installation script

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd ~/adsb-receiver
chmod +x

Please see this thread for details:

ADS-B Receiver Projects Setup Scripts

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All the Systems graphs are showing but there is nothing for the Dump1090 graphs

Wait for 20 minutes, graphs will appear.
Otherwise give following command to make graphs appear immediately…
sudo ~/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs/ 24h

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Still no joy with the Dump1090 graphs, and after a few reboots. System graphs are fine. Any ideas?

Many thanks


  1. What hardware (Raspbery Pi / Beaglebone / OrangePi etc) are you using?

  2. What OS distro (Raspbian, Armbian, Ubuntu etc) are you using?

Hardware is Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS



Strange! Never heard of or faced this problem on Ras Pi / Raspbian. Occasionally this problem occured with Orange Pi board.

It seems your install got broken somehow, and is not fetching data from dump1090. Hard to debug. Maybe some one who faced this problem can come up with a solution.

At me since several month vice versa:
dump1090 graphs: YES
system graphs: NO, tabs are empty

after first installation system graphs worked for some weeks, then stopped …

Hardware: RasPi 2 Model B
OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) // FW: #1014

I reinstalled ADSB project several times, no success, still the same: only dump1090 graphs visible … same phenomenon on my second RasPi (Pi 3 Model B, jessie, #1028)

Any suggestions for a solution ? Thanks in advance …

Are the graphs empty or not visible at all?

Just saw you are using jessie. I would suggest upgrading to stretch.
Probably best to just use a fresh sd-card image.

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Look at the screenshot (yearly), in August/September all visible, now only dump1090 graphs, no system graphs.

Yesterday I tried to upgrade from jessie to stretch as described, everything went well, but via Putty and WinSCP no access anymore. !
A warning message on my putty popped up, something with decryption … (I forgot) …result: no connection …
So I turned back and put put a SD-Card with an image of a functinable jessie and all dump1090 stuff in my RasPi.

Might need a current version of Putty?

Why not start from a fresh RasPi stretch lite sd-card?
That would most likely solve your problem.

If you want you can copy over the old graph data but judging by the amount of graph data that does not seem to be even worth it.
Also if you only want the graphs out of the receiver project, you could also install my version of the graphs: GitHub - wiedehopf/graphs1090: Graphs for readsb / dump1090-fa / dump1090 (based on dump1090-tools by mutability)


Thanks for your support,
maybe I’m going to start with a fresh stretch SD-card upcoming weekend …

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two things to note for stretch.
a. must enable ssh by putting a file named ssh in the boot folder (fat32 accessible from PC)
b. use a strong password of at least 8 characters.

Thanks for the hint. I will try again an upgrade an create a file nemed ssh and see what will happen …

An upgrade would not change ssh access.
(As i wrote earlier an old putty version is the likely culprit)

Be aware the upgrade might not work on the Piaware sd-card image.

thx @wiedehopf , it was caused by putty (v0.67).

Installed v0.70, upgraded from jessie to stretch: system works fine, have access via putty an WinSCP, no nned for a blank file named ssh,
but: still no system graphs visible … :roll_eyes:

As already announced, I will try with a fresh SD card with stretch installed …

It’s not a problem we can troubleshoot it as well if you already upgraded.

I suppose you changed the apt sources.list to stretch and upgrade via apt update and apt dist-upgrade ?

Let’s check the collectd logs:

sudo journalctl -u collectd -en30 --no-pager

Also can you check the graph generation:

sudo /home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs/ 24h

Then the output of these two commands:

ls /var/lib/collectd/rrd/*
grep Hostname /etc/collectd/collectd.conf
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yes, according to ==> datenreise
but during update/upgrade some failures occured. So I have to add “-y” and/or “–force-yes” and I had to install manually “php7.0”.
Now everything works, systems graphs too, except “Bandwidth Usage (wlan0)” …


You are probably using Ethernet and not Wifi, yes?

You can go to this directory:

cd /home/pi/bdsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs

And edit

Search for

replace it with

Or you can execute this line which should do that change for you:

sed -i 's/interface-wlan0/interface-eth0/' /home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs/