ADS-B Receiver Project Performance Graphs

Installed, works perfectly, all data/graphs visible …:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh ok. That works as well i guess.

You could remove the graph generation by adbs-receiver-project by deleting a file:

sudo rm /etc/cron.d/adsb-receiver-performance-graphs

Or just leave it running, it’s just unnecessary cpu load.

(The graphs displayed in the portal will vanish though)

Also be aware the “disk” graphs are going to stop working probably.
There is a bug in the current collectd version which doesn’t work with the new kernel, can’t help it sadly.

I simply disabled “Enable performance graphs link.” and added “192.123.456.78/graphs1090/” in the “Links Management” … :wink:
That’s OK for me …

Can you provide a link to some info on that? I’ve wasted days trying to get the disk info working, thinking I did something wrong so I’d like to see some info regarding the fact it’s just plain broken.

Here is the bug report regarding collectd with kernel 4.19 and higher:
`/proc/diskstats` changes in Linux 4.19 · Issue #2951 · collectd/collectd · GitHub

I’m not sure how soon the fix will trickle down into Raspbian, it might be a while.

Where on the github page would you have expected info in regards to that?

I’ve added a known bugs section to the github readme, not sure how many people with the problem are going to stumble on to it but that’s the best place i can think of.

I think it has, I’m running a 4.19 kernel and “Linux 4.19 will add additional counters, which caused this plugin to bail out …”

You would need to run collectd 5.8.0 to fix the problem.

kernel 4.19 is what introduces the problem with older collectd versions by adding more fields to that file.


What do you need those stats for or was it just “to get it working”?

just to get it working. its nice to see how much its banging on the SSD. Can I apt-update collectd or should I git it?

What system are you running?
On debian sid / unstable a fixed version is available via apt. Otherwise my guess would be you need to install a git version of collectd.

yeah, git. apt installs 5.7.1

Well good luck with that i guess :slight_smile:

Not sure how i would go about that to be honest.
Or can you build a debian packet somehow?

Success for me. I re-imaged my PI_AWARE SD card changed a few connectors. All is up running but I love the graphs.I installed as per instructions. If I use the link for the skyview map it doesn’t work but under the web interface it works great.

Can these performane graphs be installed with the basic setup I have. Last summer i started with a fresh SD card build via the simple instructions on flightaware. Will that have all that is need to install the graphs or do i need to start with something else…Sorry for the really bad way of explaining what I have… Every once in awhile my interestest gets tweeked by something i read in the forum and would like to try it. Lately i went the tuning the gain which seems to have helped.


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It’s called the piaware sd-card image and yes the graphs should work on that.
But adsb-receiver-project also installs a whole website interface and stuff.

There is a somewhat more minimal graph installation (with very similar graphs) available here: GitHub - wiedehopf/graphs1090: Graphs for readsb / dump1090-fa / dump1090 (based on dump1090-tools by mutability)
Installation is a little simpler than with the receiver-project.

If you want to know which Raspbian version you are using you can use this command:
cat /etc/os-release


Thanks for the info…i know enough to get around the basics of linux. I just dont use it enough. For instance the laptop im on runs Linux Mint cinamon.

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Tried you link for the install. I wind up with broken images on the page…unless time is need to get them up and viewable CPU is up quite a bit too .48 .57 .48 usually around in the 0.30s

Wait a couple of minutes then make a screenshot and i’ll have look.

It creates the graphs every minute which takes a bit of CPU.
(Different set of graphs, not all of them)
So each minute either the 24h or 6h or … any of the other time ranges are created.

Im running the original Pi 2 i started this with in 2015 I have the firt 3n edition laying around for now was going to experiment with it.
Next Since i have not done it on a linus machine not sure how to do screen shot on this laptop. and then never posted in image in this forum before…like I said im a real novice at somethings and others im better at.

None of the dump 1090 stuff is populating do far just the broken image,

also the other graphs are populating except bandwidth usage

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