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DUMP978-FA Graphs setup

Is there a way to add the dump978-fa stats to show up on the performance graphs like dump1090-fa does? I updated the ADSB Receiver to 2.7.2 and ran the install. I noticed it installs the mutability version of dump978 rather than the dump978-fa which I already have installed. I like the skyview978 view since it matches the dump1090-fa skyview screen.

Currently using a Raspberry Pi 3B (not the plus) running Raspbian Stretch. I have the blue FlightAware dongle for 1090 and a generic RTL-SDR for 978. (serialized from the instructions in this forum) I saw one plane show up yesterday on dump978-fa and would like to have the graphs for it so I can see what kind of traffic to expect in my area. Thanks!

Don’t select it in the installation options then it won’t install it.
You can just remove it with sudo apt remove dump978 i believe.
(Not sure what the package is named, might be named dump978-mutability)

I’ve included some basic graphs in my fork of the graphs:
Graphs for dump1090 -- my version with install script

You can see an example of those (only 3) graphs here:
Announcing the new 978 MHz antenna!

The first link didn’t work. It just took me to the main discussion page. I went to your graphs1090 page on github but saw no mention of the 978 graphs.

My mistake, i meant this link:

Announcing the new 978 MHz antenna!

Anyway the github page doesn’t say anything about 978 graphs because it’s still new and dump978-fa doesn’t produce as much nice stats as dump1090 does.

I installed it and looks like the graphs are there. Now to wait for some traffic this week! Thanks for your help!

I saw a few planes on dump978-fa this morning. Graphs are working! Now I just need to get a better dongle and antenna. Just using the old mag mount on a soup can that was originally cut for 1090.