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ADSB Receiver Project Performance Graphs

I’m currently using Dump1090-fa and Piaware. Is it possible to to retain this configuration but install some script so that I can get the ADSB Project Performance graphs rather than starting afresh and installing Dump1090-Mutability?

I seem to remember reading something on how to do this but I could be mistaken and/or can’t remember where

Many thanks

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You chose only the web portal while installing the adsb receiver project.

Say no to everything else.
(If something is selected, you can use space bar to unselect it, then press TAB to get to the ok button.)

You will then just finish the installation of the adsb receiver project and everything should be as before except that you have the graphs contained in the project website on your pi.

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Thanks for the advice. This worked fine for one of my Pis, but on the second when I go to the web page with the IP of my Pi/install/ it didn’t go through the registration stages (email address; Pw etc) although can I get to a web page with the ‘Blog’ ‘System’ ‘Maps’ ‘Links’ tabs across the top. Under the ‘Maps’ tab > Live Dump1090 Map I can get to the dump1090.php display but there are no Performance Graph option.

I’ve repeated the install but nothing changes.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Give it a fresh sd-card with raspbian stretch lite, install dump1090-fa and piaware and run the install :slight_smile:

Apart from that, what is showing on the install page? I’m not sure i can help debugging the receiver project install, i’m not really familiar with the install process.

Managed to get around it by opening the Performance data for my other Pi (the one that installed fine) and then changing the IP in the web address to the other Pi, however, the signal strength graph isn’t displaying?

Thanks for your help and advice