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PiAware Web & ADSB-Receiver installed together @ A20 Armbian Jessie 4.14.84


I’ve installed PiAware Web, dump1090-fa & PiAware as well as the ADSB-Receiver Performance Graph.

The problem I’m dacing now is when I type the RPi IP Address, and it straight forward to the ADSB-Receiver page instead of PiAware Web.

What can I do after typing the RPi IP Address and straight to PiAware Web, and ADSB-Receiver page with diff port or link from the PiAware Web…

Thanks in advance.

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Edit: You can try pi/blog.php
and see if you can access the adsb receiver project stuff from there.


uninstall piaware web.
then reinstall the adsb receiver project.

they both install to /var/www/html and have no option to change that.
in short they are incompatible.

Did you configure the Admin page? There you can select where to “land” (use your Pi IP address):

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Of course already configure the admin page.

I think there must be a way to configure it but …

Anyway, thanks guys for the replies.


I noticed that they both install to /var/www/html. No choice … Either to remove PiAware Web or ADSB-Receiver…

Once again, thanks.

Hi all,

Anyone of you can teach me the way of remove / uninstall adsb-receiver completely?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t think there is a removal function.

Easiest is probably to use a fresh image.

Anyway didn’t you want the graphs?
You can check in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled which configs are enabled and remove those you don’t want.

If you still want the graphs uninstalling piaware web and then just running the adsb-receiver install again should give you the graphs.


I have the graph working normal. Just need an additional PiAware-web to show connected to FlightAware, Radio, PiAware & MLAT.

And also looking forward to maintain the graph if possible… Unfortunately…

Anyway, I already remove the PiAware-Web completely. Will see any one can share info regarding this, if can do, then I will re-installing the PiAware-Web.



Did you try the address:


while piaware-web was already installed?

Yes, but I am not familiar with those codes / commands, so I just ignore it and closed it.

So, its nothing to me…

Anyway, already I remove the piaware-web, so no any further working on it.


that’s not a code it’s a web address -.-

just replace “pi” with the IP of your raspberry pi.

as in http://pi/blog.php

And if you don’t understand something maybe it’s better to ask than to just ignore it.

You could just reinstall piaware-web and see if you can still access the adsb receiver pages.

If you can the problem is solved.

You can always directly access the map after installing adsb-receiver via

and the graphs will be located

I’m just not sure if piaware-web messes those addresses up but my guess is they will work.

After I installed the PiAware Web, I still can access the performance page, blog, admin page everything related to the ADSB-Receiver.

I did check all the files… All with the links…

Only the Piaware web and pi_IP:8080 is not working.

Can you access:


that’s where the piaware-web status page should be.

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I didn’t check for it. As I haven’t reinstall the piaware web.

Will try it later.


I have just reinstalled the piaware-web and http://pi/index.html is working.


Thank you.

Very nice.

Now you can install that fr24 feeder you wanted to have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(you can use step 11 of https://forum.flightradar24.com/threads/10232-How-to-Install-dump1090-mutability_1-15-dev-on-RPi)

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Currently not interested to FR24.