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Replacing ADS-B receiver hardware

Hello everyone,
I had problem with my RPi3 and I replaced it, but now I have problem with my site and data sharing on FA.
I see my new receiver like “linked”, but can’t change old receiver id to new id on my site:

"Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and you can view your statistics here:
b8:27:eb:ea:55:e9: PiAware 3.1 added Wednesday, October 5, 2016 ( /
Nakhabino (b8:27:eb:d8:42:a2): PiAware 3.1 added Saturday, September 24, 2016 ( /"
Off course it’s great news, but I don’t see new statistic on my page…
I think I found it on all sites statistic page flightaware.com/adsb/stats/site/31699, but it’s “Unclaimed”.

I wrote to contact@flightaware.com about this problem and received number 101013 about one day ago, but nothing happened…

May be I can fix this problem without FA support staff?

in your page you see a red and a blue site right? red is off line and go way in few days click on blue and you see your statistics.

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After replaced RPi I see new receiver on my “claimed” page, but don’t have new site for it in “my ADS-B” page.
I think I found my new site 31699 (flightaware.com/adsb/stats/site/31699), but don’t understand how I can add it to “my ADS-B” page and complete its setup… :frowning:

OK, I found, why I have this problem. RPi3 have 2 different network interfaces - Ethernet and Wi-Fi. On “claimed” page I see mac address from eth0, but it’s don’t connected to network. This RPi connected to wifi via wlan0 (with different mac address)…
How I can configure FA client for using wlan0 mac?

All Piawares are uniquely identified by their eth0 MAC address, even if it is not used.

I did not known it, thanks. May be piaware use MAC address of first interface on system (I think we can use board without ethernet interface like Raspberry Pi Zero or Odroid C0).
Problem was solved after I added to /etc/piaware.conf 2 string:
wired-network no
wireless-network yes

and rebooted my RPi. Now site 31699 in my profile. Hooray!

But may be techsupport fix my problem, I’m not shure… :slight_smile:
Thank you for help!

Привет! Не мог бы ты сказать какие кабель и антенну ты используешь?

Привет! Не мог бы ты сказать какие кабель и антенну ты используешь?

Hello! Could you tell me which cable and antenna you use?

rz3dvp is russian, so he will understand me. But thank you for your help :slight_smile:

The question is if he will understand you after you’re digging this three year old thread out of history. His last post in this forum is from November 2016 if you look at his profile.

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Unfortunately, this is the only way to contact him.

Yes, but it might be interesting for everybody to know what you are talking about :wink:

Direct message him on here, he will get a mail notification maybe?