Replaced all of my hardware, now not posting to FA

Due to a freak series of brownouts, I lost my Raspberry Pi 2 at a minimum. I already purchased a new PiAware receiver with teh built-in filter but did not install it. So I got a new Raspberry Pi 3, installed the new 3.1 image on an SD card, got it configured, and am tracking aircraft again. The only problem is, the data is not getting to FA. No firewall rules have changed as this Raspi has the same static IP address as the old one. I can see the my web site from off of my network. I know I must be missing something super simple. I did deregister the older PiAware receiver.

Any thoughts?

Did you claim the new receiver? (It’s considered “new” because it has a different MAC address)

THat’s where I think the issue is. I can’t find anything to claim. I understand that since its a new receiver that it needs to be claimed as I removed the old receiver and mac address.

Just got an email that my new receiver is posting. I didn’t do anything… But it appears that MLAT is not working so I need to check that out.

You have one piaware active that started feeding a couple of days ago - it’s not that one?

Well it should have been started today. Also the airport is wrong, it should be KCXO not KIWS.

Also, is the ID based on the network mac address or is there a mac address on the receiver as well?

So after further looking, it appears that not only is the airport wrong, but the site location… I wonder if I grabbed someone else’s receiver? Is that even possible?

Yes. Someone in China claimed mine some years ago. Lat was correct, Lon was 180 deg off.

Unless you set them manually, the site location (and nearby airport) are estimated from the traffic seen, so it’s not going to be very accurate.

Check the mac address shown on the site page vs. what your Pi has.

From the Raspi: B8-27-EB-14-D6-E4 and confirmed by my router.

What shows up on my status page: b8:27:eb:41:83:b1

Nothing is connecting to FA with that MAC.

What shows up on my status page: b8:27:eb:41:83:b1

That is connected to FA, first connected at 2017-01-07 22:35:53 UTC, is using a wifi connection.

Maybe you looked up the wifi MAC, not the eth0 MAC? (The MAC you quoted could be the MAC of a Pi3 wifi interface). It is always the eth0 MAC that is used for associating with FA, even if the actual network connection is via wifi.

You can also look in /var/log/piaware.log or run piaware-status to see if your piaware is correctly connected to FA.

MAC Address Lookup:

MAC-Addr Vendor
B8-27-EB-14-D6-0E Raspberry Pi Foundation, UNITED KINGDOM
B8-27-EB-41-83-0B Raspberry Pi Foundation, UNITED KINGDOM

B8-27-EB is at start of my both Raspberry Pis

My wifi dongle RTL8188CUS
Kingjon Digital Technolog 00:13:EF:xx:xx:xx

My C.H.I.P. board with built-in WiFi (checked by app “fing” on my android phone)
MAC address: 38:A2:8C:xx:xx:xx
MAC Vendor: Shenzhen Rf-Link Technology
Bonjour Name: chip
Bonjour Services: workstation (tcp)

To find MAC Address for a Vendor

Thanks to FA Support, I got everything worked out. While I was trying to relate the WLAN MAC address to the FA status page, I needed to use the ETH0 MAC address. Once I understood that it made sense. Then all I had to do was relocate my location so that MLAT word start working.

Thanks guys for the support. It’s amazing how a different MAC address got me so messed up…