PiAware issue for sure


I can add to the discussions re something wrong with the FA PiAware files. I am trying to load Joe’s FA 1090 version for some testing and comparison work. I have ended up with heywhatsthat range rings over the right place, but the FA distance rings sitting on the other side of the world over FA headquarters
I end up with the plane information on the right hand side of the page, it appears to be logging stuff in the graph sections but not planes showing on the map. Another pointer with something wrong with the PiAware FA feed is I can not get the Flightaware system to recognise the new feed and allocated a new station id for me to claim. I have even tried using different PI’s with obviously different mac addresses, to trigger the auto system to recognise the new feed. I am noting a number of problems arising in the last couple of days, through different projects I monitor, of a PiAware issue. Indeed, David Baster alerted me to the fact that if you are planning to use a current card with PiAware something on it, you must do an update, with your current PI, before using that same card in a PI3B+ and I believe he said an PiAware update to accommodate the B+ models was in the works. i wonder if this work is mucking up the current files???