Had to reinstall Piaware.. now I have two receivers

I had to reinstall Piaware (3.5.3).

got it up and running.
I can view my traffic in my browser.
no location is shown on the map for my location, as it was before the reinstall
the piaware monitor is saying that there is no mlat
my settings on FA haven’t changed…

Then I noticed on my piaware monitor that I needed to register it with my account…

so I did that, noticed there were 2 receivers listed, but figured the other was from when I shut down a temporary installation to leave the country sometime last year.

I still couldn’t figure out what the problem was…Then I discovered that now I have 2 receivers listed on my FA stats page, and if I didn’t notice the small down arrow next to the displayed site (orange bar on the page), I would have never noticed that I had to select a different site and set it up.

I didn’t change any hardware watsoever. mac address and both IP’s are still the same (shows the same for “both” receivers too)
I thought I had read somewhere that FA used the MAC for registration (?)

so now I’ve “lost” all my tracking data because FA thinks I’ve got a new receiver?

my stats page shows me having 2 sites.
30 day ranking has the “new” receiver as “unclaimed” with a different nearest location (I’m guessing a different server handles that data or the process refresh take a bit longer?
nearby sites also lists my two locations (even though they’re the same)

am I missing something here? surely this must be an oversight?

is there a way to merge both into one location?
No? how about remove a site no longer in existence?

Receivers are identified by feeder id. Locate it on the the stats page of the receiver you want to keep and and put it in the piware-config.txt in the boot partion. For more info, just search on the forum, especially for posts from ABCD567, who has written many helpful tutorials


I found these to be helpful:

In very simple terms, if using the FA piaware image, you need to do 3 things after copying the image to an SD card, and before inserting it in the Pi and going online:

  1. Using a text editor, like notepad, create and save an ssh.txt file in the root of the SD card. The file can be empty, and is needed to enable ssh into the Pi, once it’s up and running;

  2. With the same text editor, open and edit the piaware-config file in the root directory of the SD card. If it’s going to use wi-fi, replace the dummy SSID and password in the piaware-config file with your wi-fi router’s SSID and password;

  3. Add the feeder-id line at the end of the piaware-config file. The feeder-id can be copied and pasted from you FA page. If you don’t, a brand new feeder-id will be created every time you go online with a new/re-imaged SD card. In addition to that, your stats will not move over to the new feeder-id, if you care about stats;

Piaware is the easiest and simplest setup of all the other images I have used. FA has done a fabulous job with it.

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