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Piaware addon webserver


Hi all looking for information on adding a web server or something to play out another sites client map on piaware 3.6.3 as there is no provision for this on piaware
just trying to minimise my electric bill from 4 x rpi3 to 1
maybe something in here ? ADS-B Receiver Project Setup Scripts


lighttpd which is already running for piaware can serve other webpages.

You just need to configure it.


Ah thankyou for that i wasnt sure

regards john


I’m not capable of scripting lighttpd adding a client to it
is there any help or script i could use
many thanks


you don’t even state what exactly you want to do.
just saying “adding a client” doesn’t mean anything as the feeding clients have very different web interfaces.
flightradar just runs its own webserver on port 8754 where you can do some configuration
planefinder runs its own webserver on port 30053 where you can configure it and have quite a few nice plots and of course a live view of tracked planes.

i’m not quite aware of other clients with web interfaces so please say what you want to do.
oh and the clients mentioned above work just fine along piaware.

anyway i get the impression running 4 pi might be the best option for you.
otherwise just try the adsb receiver script and see if you can work it :slight_smile:


Im using piaware for flightaware
also running a 360radar client but unable to connect a map to it
as im not able to script anything with lighttpd


360radar client just uploads data. it provides no local map or website i’m aware of.

what does this website look like on the other pi you have apparently running?
maybe it’s just some dump1090 map?


Im told i just need to configure the lighttpd conf to use 360radar client as well as piaware client already running

this is what web page looks like running stretch


I mean … i would just settle for the dump1090-fa map and run the 360 client without a local webpage.

it doesn’t need the webpage for feeding the data.

as you have multiple pi anyway have you just tried the adsb receiver project?


True i do send data now to FA and 360 and could use vrs
i am using adsb-receiver

i know i could use piaware lighttpd to get a seperate web page for 360radar
which would have been nice but not essential
thanks for replying