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Web interface port on same as pi-hole

Hi there,
I have installed flightaware on my pi which is also running pi-hole.
I can’t seem to access the flightaware web interface as this conflicts and uses same one as pi-hole.
Is there a way to change this to say 9090?

The web interface is served by lighttpd webserver. There should be some tutorial available to change the port accordingly

Have a look at this thread, same problem I think…

About two years ago I have opened a ticket on PiHole Discourse about incompatibility with Piaware webpage, but none of the devs there had ADS-B installed or wanted to have it installed. They tried some troubleshooting… but no results.

I ended up freeing two older RPi’s and dedicating them to PiHole. Even a PiZero W works for PiHole.

PS: Seems that somebody found a solution two years later:

Note this seems to be a bug in PiAware’s way of creating the lighttpd files - they don’t set the documentroot in a config file, nor they ensure that the alias module is enabled. I want to report it to them, but right now GitHub is having some issues. I’ll do it tomorrow, provided I don’t forget.

Here is another solution:

Adding the document root probably makes it work on :8080
While my solution only makes it work at /dump1090-fa


Yeah, I needed to make it work on a port, because that’s how I can port forward in my home router the incoming connections of port 80. I wanted to have a small web server for the piaware, visible from internet.

Now it serves the tar1090 web page, because you also provided a port (8504).

Be aware that you can access the rest of the lighttpd pages as well from that port.
It’s a limitation of lighttpd.

:8504/graphs1090 will give you the graphs for example.

Before you could have just forwarded port 80 to port 8021 or whatever and then accessed :8021/tar1090
There is marginal benefit in having an extra port.

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I saw that, it’s great. It just doesn’t have a link on the “main” page, you need to know about them being present.

Thank you again for sharing that with us!

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