Pi-hole + feeding ADS-B data simultaneously


Does anyone have experience with running Pi-hole on their Raspberry Pi and simultaneously feeding ADS-B data?

Currently I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running with dump1090-mutability, 3 data feeders and the ADS-B receiver project web portal.

As far as I know Pi-hole uses lighttpd to serve its pages, just like the ADS-B web portal. I don’t want to break my current setup.

Any of you having this combo running already? :slight_smile:


I thought about it, but I did not do it. High CPU usage while dump1090 is running. I think that this will cause problems for Pi-hole.


I would like to give it a try. Pi-hole doesn’t use a lot of resources. The lighttpd issues are my biggest concern, e.g. both the ADS-B web portal and Pi-hole want to use /admin.


but need low latency - DNS (pi-hole) should respond instantly, otherwise the user will have an uncomfortable web surfing


By the way, I use for pi-hole on a cheap Orange Pi One ($10)


Does it run smooth? Happy with it?


I use to block ads on SMART-TV and desktop pc. The operating system matters. Ubuntu Armbian was installed first and proved to be very problematic. Then there was Debian Armbian and it turned out to be no problem. Very low CPU utilization, I did not even install the radiator.


I am also using Pi-hole on a standalone Sheevaplug (512Mb RAM).
It’s running Debian 9 (Stretch) and is working fine (Debian is the preferred OS).
You’ll be surprised how much blocking it does and how much better some web pages work (faster load) because of unwanted ad’s.

At home, we have at least 2 smart phones, 2 tablets, 1 smart TV a laptop & PC - more when the family visit.

Wouldn’t recommend running it with Flightaware as well on the same machine, just buy a used Pi or similar for cheap and run it stand alone because as rugomol says, it needs to respond instantly.
I also set a secondary DNS server option in my main router in case the Pi-hole dies or cannot respond, so my surfing should continue unbroken.


I use an old Pi for PiHole, actually two of them for redundancy. No-brainier to set up. Don’t waste your time trying to combine it with something else like PiAware. It will just lead to trouble.


Thanks for the replies, I will buy an extra Raspberry Pi to run Pi-hole (+ OpenVPN) :grin: