Dump1090-fa + Pihole + PiVPN = possible?


Hi guys,
I like dump1090-fa more then the ordinary dump1090 or mutability.
One think makes me crazy - I´m not able to get dump1090-fa or dump-mutability running together with pihole.
Today I setup a vanilla raspian image with pivpn and pihole - thats a really sweet thing and it works - vpn plus adblocker - thats cool.
But then I installed piaware and dump1090-fa and as expected dump1090-fa is not reachable over localhost or the ip-adress/dump1090-fa because pihole is using this adress I assume.
I found this discussion, but it doesn´t help me Pi-hole + feeding ADS-B data simultaneously
So does anyone has an idea how to get pihole and pivpn working together with dump1090-fa? I´m afraid of asking for collectd - I guess it makes everything just more complicated.
Otherwise I will install fr24-feeder and keep it running with the standard dump1090…
Thanks in advance for helping me running a safe and adfree network and feeding adsb :wink:


Damn, the new feeder from fr24 uses dump mutability and is not working anymore with my setup…the old one did. So there is no feeder that uses the old ordinary dump1090 that works for me?