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Can't view live data

I’ve got piaware working (along with flightradar24), but I can’t get the live data view at IP 192...*:8080. The status page shows that everything is on the same network, connected, and working.

Need help. Please. Thanks

Sounds like package addon. Try 192…/dump1090.php

Thanks, but that didn’t work.

Sorry mate. I guess you’ll need to give a better description of your setup so someone smart can lend a hand.

Yep, more info needed. Please describe what you’re running, exactly (what image did you start from, what else is running, and how did you install dump1090-fa?)

I started with a clean install of Raspian. Manually installed dump1090-mutability, flightradar24 (which requires that version of dump1090 and is configured in beast mode), and then piaware. I assumed that I couldn’t or shouldn’t also install dump1090-fa. All that I read seemed to imply that you could skip the fa version. Fr24 seems to working fine.

If I had to guess, it would be that that’s the source of the problem, but I really have no idea. And if that is the problem, I have no clue how to fix it. I have zero experience with linux. And it seems that if you make some mistake, it causes a cascade of problems, requiring restarting the installation from scratch. SoI need very detailed instructions.

I should add that I really want to run both fa and fr24 i’m from the same box.

User abcd567 did a write up about feeding multiple sites which can be found here and on FR24 forums.

I would recommend that you check out his excellent posts.

I run dump1090-fa and feed Fllightaware, FlightRadar, Radarbox and ADSBExchange all from one Pi.

No reason not to install dump1090-fa and removing all the other dump1090 you have on there.
Also you need to make sure fr24 isn’t configured as dvb-t.

This script will take care of all that: https://github.com/wiedehopf/adsb-scripts/wiki/Automatic-installation-for-dump1090-fa

There is also a link there on how to do most of what the script does manually.
In case you like the old dump1090-mutability webinterface, there is a link on here to install that separately if you don’t want the entire bundle (for dump1090-fa installed ): https://github.com/wiedehopf/adsb-scripts/wiki/Bundle-install-for-dump1090fa

With a package install, the local live map is provided by whatever version of dump1090 you install (the piaware package is purely the feeder software, it does not provide a local map).

dump1090-mutability is unmaintained (FR24 is using a very old version that has all sorts of problems); you should look at installing dump1090-fa (or another maintained fork e.g. readsb) instead. If you need support for the old version of dump1090-mutability that FR24 uses, you are going to have to get that support directly from them. (I’m the original author of dump1090-mutability; my current development happens on dump1090-fa).

If you want a simple “it just works” install then you may want to start from the PiAware sdcard image which includes all the necessary pieces for a local map and feeding FlightAware, and then add any other feeder software you want to that. I believe the FR24 feeder will consume data from dump1090-fa without problems if you configure it appropriately.

No more since their latest release about two weeks ago.

Their latest PI24 image (2.2.0) is Buster based and has dump1090-mutability EB_VER pre-installed .

Their latest .deb package (1.0.25-3) has a script to install dump1090-mutability:

  • If found in repository: dump1090-mutability EB_VER from repository
  • If not found in repository: dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 .deb from Github

However one thing notable is that they change configuration during install so that dump1090-mutability is not controlled by systemd. The fr24feed strats, stops, and passes all parameters to dump1090-mutability. The command sudo systemctrl status|restart|stop dump1090-mutability returns unit dump1090-mutability not found

Also, they have blocked output on default ports 30005 and 30003, but it can be opened by passing an argument --net in FR24 feeder’s settings.

The arguments --net --gain xx --lat xx.xxx -lon xx.xxxx are added by user in the “Process Arguments” field of FR24 feeder’s settings, and FR24 feeder passes these to dump1090-mutability at startup.

FR24’s dump1090-mutability install script:

$ cat /usr/lib/fr24/install_dump1090.sh 


# Stop on first error
set -e

exec > >(tee -a $LOGFILE)
exec 2>&1

if grep -q "^receiver.*dvbt" /etc/fr24feed.ini && [ ! -e /usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 ] ; then
    echo "dump1090 is not found, downloading dump1090-mutability..."

    # to skip any questions from APT
    export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

    echo 'dump1090-mutability dump1090-mutability/auto-start boolean false' | debconf-set-selections -v

    apt-get update -y

    DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT=`apt-cache search --names-only '^dump1090-mutability.*' | awk '{ print $1 }' | head -n 1`

    apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" install librtlsdr0 libusb-1.0-0 dirmngr lighttpd wget $DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT -y

    if [ "$DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT" == "" ]; then
        # Download and install dump1090-mutability if not present in repository
        wget -O /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb https://github.com/mutability/dump1090/releases/download/v1.14/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb
        dpkg -i /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb
        rm -f /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb

    ln -s /usr/bin/dump1090-mutability /usr/lib/fr24/dump1090

    lighty-enable-mod dump1090 || true
    service lighttpd force-reload || true
    systemctl enable lighttpd || true
    systemctl start lighttpd || true

    echo "dump1090-mutability is installed. You can always override it in /etc/fr24feed.ini with any other supported driver."
    echo "Web server (aircraft map) at http://YOUR_DEVICE_IP/dump1090 is enabled by default."

Absolutely right, and very good advise. :+1:

On my RPi with Piaware SD card image, I have installed fr24feed (package install by bash script), Planefinder, Radarbox24, Adsbexchange, OpenSky-network, and everything works excellent. All these feeders are configured to receive data from:
Port: 30005
Format: Beast

CAUTION: On Piaware SD card image, never use FR24 setting receiver="dvbt"
If FR24 feeder is configured receiver="dvbt" , this will create a mess. With this setting fr24feed will install dump1090-mutability, and there will now be two dump1090 competing for one dongle. This will cause failure

If you look at their install script you posted, you will see it is installing mutability 1.14 from github if it doesn’t find the Debian repository 1.15 version. So @obj’s comment is correct. It is either installing a 2 year old version from the Debian repository or an even older version from a github repository clearly marked: “This repository is unmaintained and out of date, don’t use it.“

I don’t think that’s correct. The version I installed is 1.14. I guess that might be old, but it’s newer than 1.14 and apparently doesn’t cause the problems 1.14 does.

Seems to me that we need to get back to basics and ask the question I should have asked in the first instance: When you say you can’t see the live date, what do you see on the port you mentioned?

Do you get a blank map or nothing at all?

I presume you mean 1.15 which is the Debian repository version. That too is 2 years old.

They… want a walled garden I guess?

As LawrenceHill says, both of these are unmaintained (by me at least). The debian “EB_VER” package [actually named that because of an error in their packaging…] is possibly maintained by the Debian ham-radio team, but I haven’t really heard anything from them in a long time so I’m not sure what the state of it is.

Thank you to all who replied. I’ve gotten most everything worked out. Got rid of dump1090-mutability and installed dump1090-fa. I went remarkably smoothly. But …

I still seem to have a problem (or it may be a feature that needs some 'splainin. The map display in FR24 shows more planes than the map display in FA. Right now, FR24 is showing four flights on approach to PANC; FA only one. They’re both receiving information from the same antenna and receiver and processing through the one instance of dump1090. I don’t understand.

I thought this was answered here: https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/planes-missing-from-display/64047


It was, and I had overlooked it when I wrote in this thread. I went back and reread and think I understand now, but I’m not sure. My understanding, based on obj’s response, is that the FR24 display is an aggregation of data from several receivers, and FA’s display is based only on my receiver. If that’s not a correct understanding, then I need further explanation.