Having trouble with Rpi feeding

I have an RPi that has been feeding FlightRadar24 successfully for over a year. Today, I followed the FlightAware instructions to enable it to also feed to FlightAware.

Everything seems to have loaded properly and FlightAware is recognizing my system, but my Rpi is not sending any aircraft data. The FR24 feed still seems to be working fine.

This is what I am seeing in my log:

[2018-01-25 14:50 PST] no ADS-B data program is serving on port 30005, not starting multilateration client yet
[2018-01-25 14:51 PST] 0 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (0 in last 5m); 0 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2018-01-25 14:51 PST] no ADS-B data program seen listening on port 30005 for 311 seconds, next check in 60s
[2018-01-25 14:51 PST] no ADS-B data program is serving on port 30005, not starting multilateration client yet

When I try to look at my local live FA data via the direct IP address at port :8080, my browser says it can’t see it. When I look at the same Rpi at the same IP address at port : 8754 I have no problem reading the FR24 settings.

Can any of you more experienced folks lend a hand?

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Here are some things to check:

This command will report the status of dump1090-fa and piaware


The logs are showing that dump1090-fa is not seeing any ADSB data on port 30005. So that means that the other ADSB program is not feeding the data to port 30005 or you don’t have another dump1090 program running.

Once dump1090-fa receives ADS-B data it will be uploaded to FlightAware.

You can check with top to see programs running on your system


or search for all running dump1090 process with

ps aux | grep dump1090

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Silly question: How do I copy what I’m seeing on the Rpi and paste it in here? I don’t know how to copy out of the terminal program I’m using. (putty)

here is what the “piaware-status” command returns:
Piaware is running wid PID 518
FAUP is not running
fa-mlat-client is not running
dump1090-mutability is running with pid 687
No program appears to be listening for connections on port 30005
faup is not connected to the the ADS-B receiver
piaware is connected to FlightAware
got ‘couldn’t open socket:connection refused’
dump1090 is NOT producing data on localhost: 30005

Ok, so - contrary to what I was told, I have to use dump1090-FA in order to get this to work. I just installed that, and I seem to be feeding everything to FA just fine. Now, of course, FR24 is no longer working, so I am now I need to figure out how to get FR24 to work along with FA.

I’m still wide open to suggestions here.
Thanks again.


Go to fr24 settings (Pi_ip:8754) and change receiver type to “avr-tcp” and enter path as “localhost:30002” without the quotes.

Remove any instruction path from COM/DEV/HOST. Save and restart. That should hopefully fix your problem.

open VPN and SSH are very secure way to connect remotely.

Some people use https://www.dataplicity.com for easy remote connections. This doesn’t usually require punching holes in your Firewall.

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