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Sky viewer not Dump1090 map

Maybe it’s a quick fix but can’t seem to get my sky view to show when I use http/IP:8080 it shows the Dump1090 default map and planes but can anyone help me out so it just shows the sky viewer.

Also do I need to have Dump1090 running for it to feed to FlightAware on my Pi

Many thanks Roger

Any changes you made recently?

First try Ctrl-F5 to reload in the browser.

Also check the dump1090-fa log and post it here:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u dump1090-fa
    • No Entries - - is what returns

So what changes did you make before it stopped working?
Did you try rebooting?

I will reboot again and see what happens. And run the code again

Rebooted and same outcome

So i’ll ask again what did you change?
Install anything?

Just updated/installed as I normally do. Nothing else. PiAware running as it’s uploading to the system as confirmed in my profile online

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Let’s see:

pgrep -a dump1090

1051 ./dump1090 - -net

Seems like you installed fr24feed and misconfigured it.

To work with dump1090-fa you need to use beast tcp and host port 30005.

Use this script, it should fix up the installation:

Thanks will give this a go and report back shortly

That was exactly my reaction seeing dump1090 instead of dump1090-fa, and :8080 instead of /dump1090-fa

Only dump1090-fa is on 8080 by default, dump1090-mutability is not i think.

The fr24feed’s installed dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 is on :8080 if in /etc/fr24feed.ini processargs have --net. Also command /usr/lib/fr24/./dump1090 starts dump1090-mutability ver 1.14

And all this due to dreaded receiver=dvbt :angry:

Thanks Wiedehopf all working properly now :grin::grin:

For future reference, it helps mentioning that you installed fr24feed.
More information makes such problem much easier to diagnose, less guessing involved.

I didn’t know that I had installed Fr24feed, once again thanks for your help

For future reference, you can find out anything you have installed by command apt-cache policy [app name]

Some examples are given below:

apt-cache policy fr24feed
apt-cache policy piaware
apt-cache policy dump1090-fa
apt-cache policy dump1090-mutability
apt-cache policy pfclient

Thanks for this. Will look at this going forward