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Added PiAware to an existing dump1090 Pi - No Skyview

I have installed FA onto my Pi, using the instructions provided. Since I was already feeding I used the download and install method (and not reinstalling dump1090)

All is working well and feeding as it should, however I cannot access Skyview. My lighthttp is not providing anything on port 80, 8080 or /dump1090-fa . (404 - Not found) The default lighthttp page works, as does /dump1090 from the existing feed install

Is Skyview your front to dump1090 so is not available as I have not replaced dump1090? Or should I be able to access Skyview (which was one of the things I was after from the install)

systemctl status dump1090-fa
dump1090-fa.service could not be found.

Thank you

You need to remove dump1090 and install dump1090-fa to access SkyView.

If the pi was set up for FR24 be sure to check out this post first:
(Local web interface never completes rendering (solved))

Thank you, I though that may be the case. I will back up the card and replace my version