Pi-hole + feeding ADS-B data simultaneously


Like I said the issue is not the PiHole with PiAware, its with the ADSB Project’s “Performance Graphs”. That’s what is not working.

Did you make that to work? Without a how to, it’s hard to tell…

I've thought about it some more and if you are willing to try around a bit i believe we could make it work. Before i tell you to do anything though i'll try some stuff locally :)

Well one major problem is that both packages are hard-coded to use /var/www/html
Not sure how to work around that.
I would know how to change where the graphs are written but i don’t know what else relies on that absolute path with regards to adsb-receiver.

You couldn’t really upgrade adsb-receiver after the modifications so it’s not really a valid option to do that.


I had a feeling about that.
Even talked with the Pi-Hole support guys (Germany?) but they didn’t have the understanding of the PiAware package to help.
Right now I have ordered an Orange Pi to dedicate it to PiHole. Or Piaware, whatever works best.