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Flightaware new account [piaware] not showing up

Hello, I’m completely new to using a raspberry pi to flight tracking, so please excuse me if I ask some questions that are pretty obvious to established users.

I have recently acquired a used pi3 model B complete with 7" touchscreen attached. It is running Jessie Ver.8. I installed piaware and dump1090-fa following the instructions [including the instructions for Jessie] on the flightaware site and if I now look on skyview [using my IP address followed by :8080] I can see the output from my receiver. It states on the page after about 30 minutes you should be able to click on the link to see your site and also configure your receiver. When I click on the link I just get a “No such ADS-B site” also there is no myadsb button on my log in page either. Have I not done something, or done something wrong? [been up and running for about two hours now]

Click this link:

It seems the web team has not gotten around to add it to the instructions.

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Thank you for your help and the quick response.