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New RPi setup but still "No Active FlightAware ADS-B Sites"

For Christmas I built a new PiAware :smiley:
Everything looks like it’s running, I’ve successfully claimed it, and my /tmp/piaware.out shows messages being sent to FlightAware, but after nearly five hours my feeder statistics still show “No Active FlightAware ADS-B Sites For This User”.
Does anyone know if there might be any issues on the back-end that could be causing this, or did I miss a step? When I go to the claim a receiver page, it shows the correct version and IP addresses: PiAware (SD Card) 1.19 added Wednesday, December 31, 2014 ( / As far as I can tell, I’ve been sending data since 18:50:21 GMT.
I compiled view1090 and it’s showing valid data when I compare with the flight tracker live map.

918 reports on 51 aircraft on you site flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/Celebrith . It may take some time before you build up enough reports to get the graph going. It seems to be working tho’. Welcome aboard

Thanks, Joel! I tried a reboot, and it just magically appeared – although it’s entirely possible that isn’t what caused it to work…

At least you didn’t need the chicken entrails across the keyboard :laughing: Maybe there was a config reset/restart issue that the reboot took care of. Another test is to open a browser to your Pi IP address on port 8080 (like You can also run Virtual Radar Server on a PC to that address- that will allow you to get the range maps you see posted around.