Had to reimage my Pi due to unforseen issues, now the Pi isn't showing up


Hi there, got a bit of an issue here. I set up my Raspberry Pi for data sharing with both FlightAware and FlightRadar24 successfully on Friday 3/23. This Pi isn’t dedicated just to flight tracking though and I needed to reimage the SD card for something. I successfully reinstalled all the necessary stuff and everything is working, but it’s not showing up in “My ADS-B”. The Pi is sending data to FR24 successfully, and according to the PiAware logs in /var/log/piaware.log it is sending data to FlightAware successfully too. Quick rundown of hardware/start image

Hardware: Raspberry Pi B (1st gen)
Image: Raspbian Stretch 3/13 image, PiAware done via package
MAC: B8:27:EB:50:09:6D

The receiver was site 76894 with the closest airport being KDLZ

Thanks in advance


Feeders are identified by feeder id. By re-imaging you created a new site, which you can either claim or put the older id in piaware-config to keep the old site…


Alright thanks, got it working now.