Getting Started and having issues


I received a new Raspberry Pi 3 along with the Flightaware Pro Stick USB (the orange version) and am in the process of setting it up. While I’m not an expert on the Raspberry Pi, I am capable of following instructions and have followed all the instructions on the site

In step #4 of the above mentioned instructions, it states it can take 4-5 minutes for the PiAware to start. I’ve waited 10-15 and still nothing. I’m able to login to the Rpi just fine.

I am probably missing something huge…but again I refer back to the fact that I’ve followed all the instructions listed on the page.

Thank you for your help.


What does the output of “piaware-status” say?

Hi Jerry,

Good to see you here.

I can’t offer specific advice on the way you’re doing this but I can suggest you just grab ADS-B receiver project image and follow the link to the setup guide you may (or may not) have seen on my blog.

73 Keith.

When I type sudo piware-status I receive back the following:

piware-status :command not found

thank you Keith. I’m headed to your blog now. I guess I should have started there to begin with. doh 73

Unsurprising, you typoed it, the correct command is piaware-status

I looks like it is working