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Whats your favorite airport?


And even with that, it’s a lot more common than people think. What has to happen is the entire Bay has to flip the boat to East/south ops. This generally happens when the winds at KSFO have a tailwind component greater than 10kts from the east or a crosswind component greater than 20kts from the east. When it happens:

  • KSFO uses 19L/R for landing, 10L/R for departures.

  • KOAK uses 9L/R, 10, and 15 for landing and departures.

  • KSJC uses 11 and 12L/R for landing and departures.

All other airports near the area follow suit and flip the boat to accommodate the traffic flow. When you see the winds out of the east (read: 090 clockwise to 190), have a listen to the OAK or SFO LiveATC feeds, and you’ll see a lot of southbound/southeastbound IFR departures.



My favorite airport, BES/LFRB (France) close to home and very nice controllers !! 8)


That certainly explains it … I experienced the opposite conditions to what you are describing. My clearance for SNA had me going due east until I was handed over to Castle who ended up improving the situation. I was quite inexperienced at the time; I think that I could have worked harder to improve the situation.


Wow, quite the thread. Have to say I was surprised Sedona wasn’t mentioned earlier.

Flew my g/f there in a 172 day after my checkride. I learned that tired C172+8500’ density altitude+5kt tailwind=very poor choice. Still remember the stall warning horn blaring as I tried to coax her out of ground effect. Other than “no honey that sound was normal” I didn’t utter a word until I contacted PHX approach. “License to learn” right?

Other favorite has to be Felts Field, Spokane, WA. Beacon Hill to the immediate North, cool water runway, and FSDO on field. What else could you ask for?

Please pardon the following hijack.

@AviationAcres is Jake Plummer still hanging around town? I remember hearing something about him coaching at the HS.


Cool, my cousin land to Sandpoint airport last week when they are practicing


finally back to the boards, new flight school at CDW. RGI Aviation, be sure to check out there website rgiaviation.com/

great rental rates :stuck_out_tongue:




rgHangar, looks like good rental rates indeed! I’m renting out at KFRG but seems KCDW would be a little closer and more reasonably priced (except for the landing fees). Bookmarked RGI site and hope to give you guys a call soon.




ouch… didn’t know. huh?


Sorry, case of mistaken identity with the Dad comment.


I like 7V2, North Fork Valley in Paonia Colorado because it’s on top of a narrow mesa. And the 100LL is relatively cheap.


My 2 favorites Olive Branch KOLV

And of course Memphis Int’l KMEM


Friday - Sunday, August 26-28, 2011


The Essex County Airport will be hosting the EAA B-17 Alumimum Overcast once again this year, come out and enjoy the warbird.


Ha I seen that bird before when it came to OLV. It’s a pretty neat warbird for sure!





TIST of course. The landing is breath taking as seen from the pic below, but the departure is even greater (unless you’re in a Citation X where everything goes by in a flash) Ha! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6a/Cyril_E._King_Airport.jpg/800px-Cyril_E._King_Airport.jpg


what country is that in?


TIST? St. Thomas, USVI.



I think my all time favorite airport is my home Airport, KDPA. Spent many an hours there.