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Whats your favorite airport?


Found out today that his roommate, who was listed as missing when all this went down, was found dead near Kingman, AZ with a 9mm wound to the chest.

Meek killed a woman, his freind, and offed himself. Freaky stuff.



So Meek kills his roomie, steals his GPS and sets a waypoint on it as to where the body can be found!?!?!? :open_mouth:

How considerate of him. :unamused:


i dont get it was meek a member of the forums?




Yes. Kinda cool guy, on the forum that is. :open_mouth:



He was a regular here for a while. And an interesting one at that. He had more than a few moments of weirdness.


Yes he did! :laughing:

Sad to see someone go to that extent… :frowning: :angry:


thats insane… :open_mouth:


such a cool photo…



Back to topic, birmingham airport uk bhx is the best


Sandpoint Idaho (SZT) - Not only is it a beautiful place to fly into… but it means I’m Home!

Sandpoint Airport http://www.aviationacres.com/Idaho.asp?CMD=AirportDetail&ID=5191


Well may be i could be persuaded to land there !!!


I have family near Garfield Bay so I’ll be flying up to Sand Point in a couple weeks. I am really looking forward to it.

On topic: Favorite airports to fly into are KSEZ (Sedona), KTRK (Truckee), and L05 (Kern Valley).

KLAS is also pretty cool to fly into. Park at Atlantic and you are practically already on the strip.


was at the redbull race yesterday @ KLD here are the photos




was at the redbull race yesterday @ KLDJ helping out air marshel heres some photos

Awesome! Bet that was fun!


Hobby is excellent … big enough to get the experience you need in today’s environment but not so big that you wait around for ever to get moving.


KOAK is very good indeed … it is tough to get a southbound IFR departure though …




I stopped counting at 3 SIDs that can take you south. ???