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Whats your favorite airport?


Did you take the picture


I like KLGB - Long Beach Daugherty Field. Not that is terribly picturesque, but the art deco terminal is great and you can get from the gate to the side walk outside in one of the shortest walks I have seen (excluding small airfields not using large aircraft).

Old and gone PSA use to run the BAE 146-200s and nosed up to the terminal waiting area and it looked like a grinning cat. Mainly flew MD-80s (AA and PSA) there.

On the other end of the scales, the ones I most dislike are DFW and ATL - just too big.


False River just west of Baton Rouge (KHZR). Self Serve 100LL, comfortable lobby, coffee and snacks make it a popular place for re-fueling on east-west trips.


Also - lots of folks along the Gulf Coast area are making Cedar Key FL and Jack Edwards in west FL popular week end trips.


Jack Edwards is in Gulf Shores, AL, not Florida. Not far though, maybe 8 or 10 miles from the border. Great little airport.


you would be one of the nuttier ones then, everyone knows EWR will cost you in arm and a leg in landing fees only :stuck_out_tongue:


What does he have to do with me posting a website. ? Perhaps I will redirect my post to a different forum.

On a side note JHEM you are an Avantair P180 pilot aren’t you? In that case act like one just message me that you think its spam and I will remove it. Thank you for pointing out that my father has successfully managed KCDW for more then a decade. Exurberance?


Wow… I just read through this thread again, even though I’ve posted comments in it over the past few years, and just noticed the whole MeekRN thing… I’m shocked… I’ll steer clear of that convo, though.

I also just realized that I didn’t even contribute to the topic! With that, here goes.

As far as traffic and the ability to spot and listen to ATC goes, I’d give a nod to KVGT. My apartment is tucked to the right of the extended runway centerline for 12R, which gives me a good look at all of the traffic coming down the ILS for 12L, plus those turning base after passing over Lone Mountain or the 3 Fingers lakes in Summerlin.

There is also a parking lot and park at the field (again, adjacent to 12R and 7) which the Clark County Dept. of Aviation pipes ATC from the tower over normal FM radio to the park, so you could listen to tower directly from your car.

After that, I’d have to give the nod to the GA airport closest to my home in Omaha: KMLE. small field, but highly used by the students in the aviation program at the Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha. Keeps all of the GA traffic away from OMA and OFF, provides easy access to the practice area over by CBF, and is very well maintained. Wish I had been over there more, but now that I’ve caught the aviation bug, I make my way over there every time I fly back home.



I like YVR airport
They have good services and lots of new technology


for GA? That’s almost like liking LAX for GA, despite the popularity of VNY, with it being the US’ busiest GA airport, and for the 16 Right movie…



I don’t think this thread is for GA airports only.

In 2012, DAB (Daytona Beach) had more GA operations than VNY (Van Nuys). The figures were 284,717 operations for DAB and 259,132 for VNY. Even taking into account the airline operations at DAB, DAB is still ahead of VNY.

Source: FAA


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I would say STP. Easy to fly into, under the MSP Class B shelf. St. Paul has great restaurants, as well as Xcel Energy Center for concerts or MN Wild Hockey games.



Baltimore Washington International Airport (KBWI) - It’s home for this guy :slight_smile:


And how do you enjoy the strip search every time you need to access the ramp?


Shhhhhhh… That’s his favorite part.


felt like giving the old thread a nice little bump with “anyone got anymore favorite airports” that haven’t been listed.?


I just tried out some new airports recently … here is a summary:

KDET … Detroit City Airport; a real surprise. I stopped for customs and fuel at around 6am one morning. Most users prefer Port Huron and KMBS is one of my favourites. KDET was great; very friendly staff at the FBO; pleasant airport to use.

KJOT … Joliet Regional. At least when I tried it, it seemed very quiet for a Chicago area airport. Very good.

KFSD … Sioux Falls. No complaints; 2 FBO’s to choose from.

KRAP … Rapid City SD. Actually this was my second time into this airport (previous visit around 16 years ago). Love the landing in KRAP T-shirts etc. available for sale in the FBO. The maintenance guys got me out of a jam; they let you drive your car onto the field etc. Top rated in my book.

KGGW … Out of the way, everyone there trying hard to please.


what a great looking airport :mrgreen: