Best NYC airport/FBO/FC for C172 rentals/instruction?

Hello all.

I moved back east a few years ago with my PPL that I got flying out of what was (and is?) the country’s smallest towered airport: Palo Alto, CA. I want to get back into flying now that I’m in NYC but I don’t know what the best airport/flying club is for rental and instruction. I thought this would be a good place to ask. I am most comfortable flying the newer 172s. In case it matters: once I get a more proficient I’ll probably be doing flights up to Boston or southern Vermont.

Thanks in advance.
-Josh :wink:

First question is where are you located? City, Upstate, Northern Jersey, out on the Island, CT?

North Jersey, try KCDW (Essex Co.) look us up on flightaware

JHEM: Good point. I’m in Brooklyn.

still check us out … businesses

Any others reco’s guys? I’m looking for something local to NYC with aircraft rental and flight school (maybe at KTEB or KLDJ).

Stay clear of TEB, drive out to FRG, 30 miles east on Southern State (Belt) and much less traffic (Air and Road) to deal with. … businesses

KTEBs flight schools all moved to KCDW years back… Definatly stay away from there airspace with a C-172


True. KFRG looks pretty good and it seems like I might even be able to LIRR there if I don’t want to deal with driving. Reco’s for club/instructor there? What’s the northerly departure like? PTPS over LI Sound?

My friend is thinking about KHPN for his instrument. Seems like there’s only one choice if you don’t want to rent Cirrus. Anyone with experience there?

Thanks all.

Why would you want to rent a Cirrus?!? More to the point, at $230/hr, who the hell can afford to rent a Cirrus?

The Long island airports are all fine, no real issues for departures, etc, but keep in mind, you *are * on an island, so some overwater flight will probably be required. :wink:

White Plains is also a good choice, rates are just as high or higher than L.I., and there are several schools on the field.

As for Jersey…come on. It’s JERSEY! Geez, stay far away from that place! :open_mouth:

…jersey could be fun too :unamused: depends who you are

Yeah I’m not renting the Cirrus; looking for newer 172s ideally. I looked at KHPN and it def looks more pricey than Republic (and it’s further away). Anyone flying out of the clubs at KFRG have an instructor reco (VFR review and checkout with IFR training later)?

Century Air at KCDW has a few newer 172s and even one that has the G1000.

If you can find a flying club that will do primary training, that will probably be your cheapest bet (if that’s the goal).

Lincoln Park (N07) has one flying club (that I know of) and I believe they will do primary training. They have a 152 and a 172, going for approximately $70 and $95/hr hobbs, respectively (why oh why they’re using hobbs time at a flying club, I’ll never know).

There’s no website (I don’t know why), but if you want me to put you in touch with them, let me know. There’s also a traditional flight school there with a fleet of 172’s and an RG. I know of at least one guy who rents from there that drives over from the Bronx.