C172/Pa28 rental within 2hr from Newark/JFK

Hello; considering a short flying vacation and since I get free airline passes to NY I would like to get pointers to a cost effective/good quality rental places within a couple of hrs drive from New York. I prefer kinda rural settings but any help would be appreciated. Thx!

What area do you want to explore in your aerial adventure?

I was thinking KFFA & back but have no fixed plans really, actually any advice on nice places to visit within a couple of hrs flight would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

Dobra Nick.

Do you fly for LOT?

Heading south to KFFA from our area almost demands a RON.

My son (cfijames) can give you the best info on what’s available to rent in our area and the sights to see heading south, I’ll just say welcome to FA.