New York area airports

I want to fly this summer to New York city. Do you have a GA airport to use that is easier to get into than others. I fly a C421. Thanks for your help

Might want to use the search feature of the forum (link is above) to search for Teteboro or TEB or New York. I believe there are a couple of topics on this.

Where are you flying from?

Nashville, Tn area.

Look into TEB, MMU, CDW and FRG. If proximity is not of great importance then look into SWF. It’s a bit of a drive but big runways and it won’t get any easier anywhere else.

Really take a look at fuel prices and ramp fees. Esp. at KTEB and KMMU. I think KSWF is a good suggestion.

You can also look out on Long Island, KFRG isn’t a bad choice.

HPN may also be a good alternative.

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cdw is your best choice, fuel and ramp fees are less then mmu and teb, less wait time for IFR release, fbo is avitat

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HPN is close, but the OP was looking for “easy”. For easy I’d vote FRG or MMU. (alright, alright, CDW too.) Though TEB is the closest.

For a prop, all the above should be easy, as long as you do your research and file the appropriate prop routing into that airport. Once you get into ZDC, ZNY area, the route is essential to a smooth operation.


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hpn takes you too far out over water as well as too far north on Long Island…the best bet is TEB…after you’ve been there a time or two, its not that big a deal going in and out of there…

Just curious, but seeing as how HPN is north of Long Island, how can ATC possiblt take you “too far north on L.I.”?

If you’re coming from the south they bring you out over the water east of, or right over JFK, or out to Calverton VOR, then swing you around over Bridgeport and in to HPN from the southeast.

I would look into Islip airport its only 50 miles from NYC

There are many, many airports closer than 50 miles from New York City.

While Islip is a good destination if you’re headed for the eastern end of the Island, e.g. the Hamptons, Riverhead, Greenport, etc., it’s not a good choice if you’re headed for the city.

Pros and Cons might be better than simply giving him your opinion - btw - I’ve flown into ALL of these airports.

  1. Newark. No one EVER thinks of EWR - ramp fees are modest, fuel is VERY cheap compared to GA airports - if your trip takes you over a weekend, Signature [the FBO] has 50 cents off on Sat/Sun - most days 100LL is less than at BLM/CDW/MMU etc. Parking is not that much. There is RAIL SERVICE into Manhattan right at the airport. So, if you are going into NYC - EWR should be explored.

DO NOT try to depart after noon during summer days IFR. If wx is VFR, pick up your IFR flight plan from departure. NEVER NEVER NEVER try to depart on a summer early evening in summer from TEB/CDW/EWR or MMU - delays through the roof from wx and traffic.

  1. MMU - again, there is commuter rail service at the airport. So you do not need a $100 car service or a $50-75 taxi. Decent enough FBO’s.

  2. CDW - NO access to any public transportation - Macdan FBO are nice people, they’ll drive you to a bus stop, maybe. No guarantees there either = fuel is expensive as is parking. You need a car or taxi to get anywhere.

  3. TEB - there is a NJ Transit bus into Port Authority Bus Terminal which gets to all the NYC subways and taxis. Port Authority has always been a dump - don;t use this option with women and children. TEB is DAMN expensive - avgas over $5 a gallon at most places. You are not generally a customer to them, cause they think you need them, not the other way around. However, good way to see celebrities since they private jets out of here all the time.

  4. ISP - there is a LIRR train station right at the airport - 30 min to Penn Central or Grand Central.

  5. FRG - see TEB. Expensive, lots of jet traffic.

  6. HPN - Amtrak / Metro North rail station is close and most FBO’s will give you a ride or pick you up. AvGas a little less expensive than TEB. There is also a ‘new’ FBO that hustles and thinks you are a valued customer.

  7. SWF - if you wanted to Albany or Poughkeepsie, you would have flown there - nuff said.

  8. BLM - no close by public transit - under the approach path to EWR and the JFK departures = a real hassle IFR.

New York is not the most friend GA area to fly into. You should also examine BDR - Bridgeport CT - FBO is friendly, and they’ll drive you to to a train station - 30 min to NYC - cheap parking and fuel is not exorbitant.

Although there’s commuter rail service, it’s not at the airport like at EWR. You would have to go a few miles down the road to the Morristown NJTransit Station, where it’s about an hour into NY Penn Station.

NJTranist is at the SE corner of the field last time I was there ;ast summer = you can even see the station on Google earth . .

The NJTransit line has never gone next to KMMU. The Morristown Station is about 2 miles west in Morristown city center, and Convent Station is about the same distance to the south. You must be thinking of a different field.